Friday, 4 October 2019


KASANOVA tells the story of Femi, (Wale Ojo) a widower with a son Jason (Abayomi Alvin). Femi finds it difficult to get over his late wife, so he indulges in several uncommitted relationships until he meets ‘the one’ Miss Jessica (Ireti Doyle).

This film is quite an interesting one, but it isn’t extraordinary. KASANOVA boasts of very commendable acting performances especially from the lead characters, but like most Nollywood movies, it finds a way to be ‘caught unfresh’ because it doesn’t get the fact “less is more” a’k.a keep it uncomplicated and precise! I truly can’t wait to see the day Nollywood understands that when a movie becomes unnecessarily long, it automatically becomes boring. How do you expect people to sit in cinema halls watching unnecessary scenes and dialogues? How?

I also had major issues with
make-up. Ah, kilode! I didn’t like the fact that the actors looked like they had ori (shea butter) on their faces, half the time. It just didn’t look pretty and made the whole production seem unserious.

Nevertheless, KASANOVA is a feel good movie which l definitely enjoyed watching. I’m recommending this movie because it has sugar in it. What sugar? THE ACTORS are simply the SUGAR!

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