Thursday, 13 September 2018

MOVIE REVIEW: From Lagos We Bring You Love & Nothing but Good Tidings

‘From Lagos with Love’ follows the story of a family reunion which exposes secrets and truths untold. This family movie shows the turmoil in a ‘happy family’, demons we face individually and the power of love.

Did I enjoy watching this movie? Now that is the word- ENJOYABLE! From Lagos with Love is a must-watch. It tells a story that is very relatable in a sophisticated way. Picture quality, costuming and editing were on point. Acting, which of course is the most important, was great; the characters were believable.  I particularly enjoyed watching one of the lead characters, 'Ify' played by Enado Odigie; she is the star of the film. She delivered her role in such a way that I almost forgot it was a movie.

I noticed some dry scenes which made little or no sense
to me, but these moments have nothing on the total awesomeness that is ‘From Lagos with Love’. Let me tell you for free that this movie can best be described as OSHA PRA PRA! Period! Thumbs up to the cast and crew because it really is a job well done.

I loved and absolutely enjoyed watching ‘From Lagos with Love’ and think you should see it too!

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