Wednesday, 4 October 2017

My Craft & I - Maryam Salam Of The Blogger Point

My name is Maryam Salam, a fashion blogger and founder of The Blogger point. I started blogging while I was in University where I studied fashion marketing and branding. I was really interested in fashion and noticed that a lot of my colleagues used to ask about my style so I decided to start a blog to showcase my style and refer people there instead of repeating myself. I started blogging in 2013 but didn’t take it seriously till 2015. It hasn’t been an easy journey but my passion for what I do has kept me going. Blogging is everything to me, and I think having a platform to share my ideas is just wonderful. I’m currently studying, running my blog, and The Blogger Point; I find a way to balance all three.  I think having a voice and being consistent are the keys to being a great blogger.

I grew up and studied in France until I moved to England after my A levels. I studied Fashion Branding and Marketing in England and I’m currently working on my Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and International Business. My plan is to continue to grow The Blogger Point into a strong platform and community of Nigerian bloggers where they can feel safe and free to express their ideas. I believe that you can do a lot alone but when we are together, we can achieve much more.

The Blogger Point came into being after I saw the gap in the Nigerian Influencer market; there was a need for
a union or community of bloggers to make it easy for them to communicate. I just felt it would be a great thing to have a meeting point for bloggers where they would feel comfortable and relate well, and we are doing that well right now. We bring a lot of bloggers together, they connect and share ideas. It has not been easy but we appreciate that people now understand our message as a brand.

As a hijabi, fashion blogging has been quite interesting. I have always been a Muslim but I just recently started wearing hijab and I feel beautiful dressing this way. I feel everyone should be free to express fashion the way they want. This is my own way of expressing fashion. Style to me is a graphic expression of who I am. I love to define my style as very simple and effortless; I don’t necessarily have to wear designer clothes to be stylish. 
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