Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My Craft & I - Sharon Ojong

My name is Sharon Ojong. I’m a creative communications specialist, a brand consultant, creative director, and a creative content producer. It all started when I found myself in the fashion industry doing what I never expected. I had always wanted to be a model and fashion designer with my own clothing line, but as I grew older, I realized that I had some skills which led me into consultancy. Friends would come to me because they had a lot of questions and issues on how to build their brands and it became a passion. I actually studied Policy and Administration. I wanted to go to fashion school but my parents couldn’t afford it. I remember that as a child I wanted to become an Accountant but didn’t make the JAMB score so I studied Policy and Administration which I now find very useful in my career because I do a lot of PR and brand consultancy. I feel fulfilled and I’d say that choosing to chase my dream to be in the fashion industry is the best thing I did for myself. I’m really happy doing what I love. I started as an intern and today I have my own company.

My journey into the world of creative direction began when I became a stylist; I evolved from being a stylist to a creative director. Also, I’ve always wanted to go into content production, and own a media house. Oprah Winfrey has always been my inspiration; I love how she has been able to produce content and help a lot of people.

As a blogger, I share my personal style.  I started a blog some years ago called Naija Deevas which was for young creatives to share ideas. I wasn’t making much from it, but I had so much passion for it, so I expanded and made it African Deevas. I realized that my personal photos
got more hits than others, and people were interested in Sharon Ojong. This was how I started sharing my personal style. Fashion is in everything I see around me and I think style is from within. To be stylish, you need to master the art of mixing and matching fashion pieces. Confidence is synonymous with style; you need to wear whatever it is you choose to wear with so much confidence. Denrele Edun is a great example of this and I call him my style icon. He has been consistent with his style and has been very comfortable with it. His style expresses who he is. Your style should express who you are.

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