Wednesday, 27 September 2017

My Craft & I - Seun Tayo-Balogun Of Brief Essentials

I am Seun Tayo-Balogun, C.E.O Brief Essentials. Before we launched Brief Essentials in 2011, I had been talking about filling the lingerie gap in Nigeria's online market place. After I had my second child, I needed to purchase good underwear and shapewear to help me get back in shape, but it was such a herculean task. The options were limited besides the fact that they were pricey. It occurred to my husband and I that we had no online marketplace for underwear in Nigeria, so we decided to do something to change this and set up Brief Essentials. The market needed something revolutionary like Brief Essentials.

Your underwear is the starting point of your dressing, and great underwear adds to your whole outlook. My goal was to make it easy for ladies to purchase great underwear irrespective of their size, or social standing. When we launched in 2011, I was in paid employment , and I didn't leave my job as the head of strategy and research at Kakawa Discount House until January 2015.

My background is in the arts and social sciences encompassing Political Science, Philosophy, Economic Management and Policy. Apart from my business as the C.E.O of Brief Essentials, I am also a business consultant who believes in the power of technology and very passionate about seeing people and businesses thrive. To this end, I am a Lead Consultant at Techmonks Limited. I believe technology enhances whatever you do in life. 

I am fulfilled not just as the C.E.O of Brief Essentials but also in everything I do. Fulfilment comes with the realization of your fullest potentials as a human being and your relationship with God.
At Brief Essentials, we have been able to meet the needs of our customers and change the landscape of lingerie/underwear business in Nigeria. We are leaders in this sector and have a lot of emerging brands looking up to us. We are fulfilled because we get testimonials from our customers who are
always excited about the value we provide them. As a business strategist, I always tell people the importance of adding value.

Before Brief Essentials, there were people retailing underwear but mostly through traditional means. Brief Essentials was the first to establish a full fledge online market that brought several underwear and shapewear brands together with a plethora of options in Nigeria.

At Brief Essentials, we ensure that we give value; we deliver on time and retail high quality underwear at affordable prices. Our goal is to ensure we solve our customers' underwear challenges and provide solutions. The trick to buying a great shapewear for example is to ensure you get your perfect size. When people complain about comfort, I advice them to always get their perfect size; buying a shapewear that is a size smaller than your actual size because you think it will tuck you in better is not a wise idea because you’ll end up uncomfortable.

I tell ladies to take good care of their underwear because it’s part of their style. Your underwear tells more about who you are. The best way to keep them clean is to hand-wash. If you have to use a washing machine, please put them in a lingerie bag and use gentle cycle. You should wash your panties every day, and let your bra breathe so they don’t wear out easily; do not wear the same bra two days in a row.
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