Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My Craft & I - Chiamaka Obuekwe, The Social Prefect

My name is Chiamaka Obuekwe a.k.a Social Prefect. I am a travel blogger, and writer. I am very enthusiastic about travel, and I love to explore. I am very passionate about tourism within Nigeria; showing people the beautiful places we have and telling our own stories. I am also co-founder/ C.E.O of Social Prefect Tours which is a Nigerian tourism company where we organize tours. Strangely, I wasn’t the social prefect in secondary school even though a lot of people have this notion. I was actually given the nickname by a few friends at work and it just stuck when I wanted to start my blog. I am a ‘wakawaka’ person who likes to travel and socialize, so the nickname ‘social prefect’ was just very apt.

It all started after I discovered some beautiful spots in Nigeria and realized people weren’t talking about them. This made me start my own blog where I documented all of my journeys. I studied International Relations and wanted to be a Diplomat. I actually got a job after NYSC, but there was a retrenchment exercise at the company and I was one of those affected. I decided to continue blogging and organizing tours. It’s been two years of organizing tours and getting recognition.

Within Nigeria, there are a lot places that I really love and enjoyed touring, but I’d pick Bauchi as my favourite; I totally love Wiki Warm Springs, Yankari Game Reserve. When you visit these spots, you forget your worries. South Africa is really beautiful, and I think they’ve done a lot with tourism. They have been able to develop some tourism resources that we also have in Nigeria, and they are making so much money from them.

As a travel blogger, I often experience culture shock. A great example is in the South African ‘food culture’; they don’t like too much
pepper, so most of their foods are not spicy. This was really strange to me, as I love spicy food. Another culture shock I experienced was in Bauchi state, Nigeria. It’s probably a Muslim thing where you can’t have handshakes with certain men or even stand close to them. It doesn’t happen like that in Lagos, but it’s their tradition over there and you have to respect it.

My advice to upcoming bloggers is to be passionate about it; don’t do it just because of money. You need to really love what you do, because this love is what will keep you going on tough days when you want to give up. You also need to be very consistent even on days when you feel like you are not getting feedback. 

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  1. Nice. I usually see her videos on Youtube. I love travelling too but money no dey dey for their Tours. Lol! Well done ma.

  2. Thanks dearie! GOD bless you plenty.

  3. Thanks dearie! GOD bless you plenty.



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