Saturday, 24 June 2017

Obiomas Are Lifesavers

GOD Bless London Tailors!!!

What’s up people? How are y’all doing? Over the weekend, I kept thinking about how sweet ‘Obiomas' are and how much beauty they add to our lives. For those who do not know who Obiomas are, here's a quick definition-An ‘Obioma’, ‘Ejika Ni Shop’ or ‘London tailor’ is a mobile tailor who makes a living helping us amend or ‘patch patch’ our torn/worn out clothes without having to pay any landlord or own a permanent shop.

I don’t know why I prefer the ‘Ejika Ni Shop’ moniker which people living in Western Nigeria fondly call these hardworking mobile tailors. Maybe because I think it is so apt; these people use their shoulders as shops to offer us excellent services. I sometimes call them 'Obioma' because I’m a huge lover of the Igbo language even though I have given up on learning the language (it was really hectic). What a ‘wawu’ language which requires extreme patience and dedication!

I know of some people who prefer to call them ‘London Tailor’ because to them it is ‘posh’, and makes the tailors feel like super stars. Well, whichever name you choose to call them, put some respek! Because you see
, 'Obiomas' are always going to be superstars to me. Do you know how many times they’ve literally saved me from unnecessary headache and embarrassment? They are always on time! Well, in my neighborhood, all you need do is, wait outside your house, stay on your balcony or take a stroll down the street to get an amazing ‘Ejika Ni Shop’.

In the past two weeks, I’ve had some ‘patch patch’ situations due to my weight gain. Yes o! Anytime l add some pounds, my pants and skirts are the ones who suffer. Don’t even laugh or tell me to hit the gym real quick. I’m already on that. I’m sure there are ladies like me out there who are enormously endowed from behind nodding to this. Ah! It is not an easy something because when you gain some weight, that part of your body is where it shows the most.

So, I was heading out for an interview when I heard a very funny sound around my zipper, I immediately knew this was an ‘Ejika Ni Shop’ situation. But I was in a hurry, so I settled for another outfit. The situation got me thinking about my lovely ‘Obioma customers’ and how they always come through, and make our lives easier. This is why I think they are lifesavers. GOD please bless them for me. I know they don’t render their services for free, but they are super amazing and worthy of celebration.

Lest I forget, did you know that Obioma is an Igbo name which means kindness? Little wonder they always turn up when we need them the most.

P.S –I’m yet to come across a female ‘Obioma’. Have you ever met one? I’d really love to see a female London tailor.

Cheers guys! Have a beautiful weekend.



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  1. Obioma's been saving life since 1530. If not for them ehen. They'll help you adjust anything, including bras. They are Super Heros



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