Saturday, 3 June 2017

Lagos Big Babes And Bend Down Select Bras

How Healthy Are BDS Or ‘Boskona’ Bras?

O ye bend down select underwear rockers, get in here! Do y’all know the origin of all these second hand bras you are sharing? Lol! But on a serious note, it is generally believed that many of these fairly used clothing items were donated to charity homes in Europe and America.

They are packaged and sent down to Africa for the less privileged, but these items end up in the hands of traders who sell them at huge profits. The sale of second hand clothing especially underwear has become very lucrative.

In recent times, men have joined the ‘boskona’ or bend down select gang as they now buy second hand boxer shorts, singlet, and t-shirts, while the ladies rush second hand brassieres, panties, corset, leggings, and girdles.

Do you know about the health hazards which experts say could be associated with the use of second hand underwear? Well, as the aproko that I am (and a very big hypochondriac) I interviewed the Lagos State Doctor of the year 2009, Dr Ade Oderinde of the General Hospital, Odan, Lagos Island, who revealed some very shocking facts. I was 3-in 1 flabbergasted, shocked, and overwhelmed. In short, I was in a state of #naonlyyouwakacome. It was a video interview which I’ll be posting on my YouTube Channel- thatisaleekochickTV and Facebook Page in a bit.

I’m just going to tell you 'bend down select bra lovers' that even though he confirms that breast cancer or hepatitis B are not in any way related to the use of second hand bras, there are risks of
fungal and bacterial infections such as ring worm, scabies, and others associated with them. I’m sure some doubting Thomasinas are already saying ‘yimu, disinfectants don finish for market.’ Well, Doctor Oderinde says "no matter the level of disinfection, some bacteria can be very stubborn. Una don hear? Sorry, wena don hear? #wink, me sef don wear second hand underwear before; I had a stack of camisoles and night dresses back in secondary school. I hear some ladies actually wear second hand panties. Ah, will I call this wickedness to yourself or sheer foolishness? From my interview with Sulaiman Ibrahim, a second hand underwear seller at the popular Balogun market in Lagos, I learnt that most of these second hand ‘undies’ are actually more expensive than the new ones. Please spend your money wisely. I also learnt from Dr Oderinde that you can actually get HPV which causes genital cancer from second hand panties.

So ladies and gentlemen, please take this advice from Dr Oderinde seriously. 

Stay right here for the full video and more updates.


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  1. I'm actually guilty of this. Lol! I'm a lover of Bend down select bras. but now that I've read this post i'll never touch them again. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hehehe!You are most welcome. Glad you learnt from the article, and thanks for stopping by.



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