Thursday, 24 November 2016

5 Things To Remember When You Are In A Relationship With A Depressed Person

This is the time to prove your love for your partner 

Depression is a terminal sickness that requires an impressive tow to overcome. The smallest of problems becomes highly damaging and complicated if you are dealing with a depressed partner. It requires patience and determination to pull a depressed person out of the darkness. Though, it is hard, but if you want ways to help your depressed partner, continue reading;

They are natural philosophers

Individuals living with depression have many questions and opinions about life, about happiness and about their significance on Earth. It is not enough to simply make money, or launch a successful career. It is not enough to simply live in the present and hope it all works out. Depression has a funny way of making your perspective broader and more inclusive. Depressed individuals would love to make the world a better and more just place. So, recognize that at their core, depressed individuals are intelligent, inquisitive, curious and creative. This is a positive, not a negative.

Requires wondrous patience

You need to have faith in yourself so that your depressed partner can have faith in you. There will be a time when you would tell your partner that you love him/her the way he/she is but they won’t believe it and you need to explain yourself again and again, this is when you need to show patience. You need patience every single day and every minute of your lives because it will one day pay off when you see your partner smiling.

 Be compassionate

Remember that your partner has an illness. It isn’t their fault that they can’t just shake it off. Practice being compassionate by thinking about how hard it is to live with an illness. Remember how much strength it takes to feel sick and in pain, and still go on.

Focus on the positive

When things are difficult, it is helpful to remind yourself of the many reasons you care about your partner, rather than focusing solely on how they are when they don’t feel well. Intentionally focusing on your partner’s positive attributes is one way to support yourself in your relationship.

They may seem irritable at times – do not take it personal

Irritability is another symptom of depression. Although there is no excuse for treating people disrespectfully, it is important to let any friction with a depressed individual to slide off your back. On the other hand, it is acceptable and important to set expectations and even boundaries with a depressed individual. An expectation is a minimum standard that you expect of someone. A boundary can also be thought of as an expectation that is set in order to keep a harmonious relationship.
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