Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How to choose a perfume on the Internet?

Quite often, you want to buy the perfume, which is unusual, not like most of your favorite flavors or simply the one that would combine some specific favorite perfume notes. It is not always possible to test several flavors in the store, so the perfume for sale on websites and forums come in rescue.

Visit forums!

On the Internet, you have the opportunity to talk with people who are perfume maniacs, perfume critics, perfume collectors or just to read the people's opinion about completely different fragrances. Moreover, you can read the impression even about the rarest, long-discontinued perfumes, which can be bought only from collectors. It would seem, you can find something more suitable to you, choose a perfume or scented water and order it!

Read descriptions!

Here you get to a page with a description of the perfume and it seems that this is exactly what you have been looking for. You can find perfume with dozens of positive reviews, in accordance to which it can be called the best fragrance in the world. You order these rare perfume in a foreign online store, and after a month of waiting for the parcel, you get a complete disappointment.

The thing that was called fresh will give black pepper and cinnamon odor, the flavor may be too harsh, dry, very recognizable and cause only negative emotions. And it happens quite often with those who buy toilet water in shops without first having tested it. The main reasons for this discrepancy reviews about the flavor and your own assessment - it is a different perception of the same smells by different people, "censorship" of the negative reviews on the forums (often all the negative information about perfumes is removed from theweb-site for advertising purposes).

Do not trust all the reviews!

Imagine the situation if you want to make repairs, and choose a paint color for your room. You go to a forum and there you start to read recommendations - someone writes: "paint the room red," another person wrote: "I have a room brown and this is the best color," and there are those who write "red and brown - is a sign of bad taste. Only green will rock! The red color is only for losers!" Yes, this is how you communicate on perfume forums. Some people simply advice you their favorite perfume, not recognizing your preferences, others advise something, which is hard to find on the open market, others advise something too abstruse, just to "stand out" and to make the impression as a true connoisseur of perfumes. 

And there are times when the comments are simply bought by the owners of sites for advertising purposes. On the same perfume, you can say completely opposite things - some would say that this is the freshest perfume, others immediately write that it is heavy, and that it is simply impossible to wear.
Therefore, it is always necessary to pay attention to the negative reviews. They are, quite often, more trustworthy.
And most importantly - whatever you have read about the perfumes on the Internet,  your personal perception of the flavor will be completely different. Pay attention not only to fragrances with posh labels, but also to the flavors that are not very popular or have negative ratings and reviews.

When choosing a perfume on the internet, be sure to consider the following recommendations:

      do not trust all the positive reviews of the perfume on sites and forums;
      negative feedback can be removed;
      people who write comments are unfamiliar to you - do not trust everything that is written;
      everyone has their own perception of smells, tastes, and preferences;
      live for today - modern "novelty" may be much better of rare and vintage perfumes;
      try to always test the perfume before purchase.
And Jiji gives you all the opportunities! Here you can find both your favorite perfume for a better price or a completely new fragrance and try it before buying! Choose the fragrance mark and call the seller to get the answers to all your questions. Jiji - the best choice of the best perfumes in Nigeria!

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  1. Yeah, you are right! The positive feedback of some random reviewer doesn't bring positive results except some awesome reviewer. I have followed Jeremy for a long time and I have bought Marc Jacobs Decadence which is really a great perfume.



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