Thursday, 22 September 2016

Diary Of An Isale Eko Chick - At The Dentist's

So I was at the dentist's yesterday for some oral care. I actually missed a scaling and polishing appointment some months back as I was told to come back 6 months after my first S&P. Anyways, to cut the story short, I was there yesterday, and unlike my first experience, it was rather thrilling and interesting (my first experience was horrible, as I was in pain throughout the process) Omo that dentist showed no mercy! I'm actually thinking I felt that much pain because it was the first time since childhood that I had an S&P done or the dentist was just straight up cruel.
My experience yesterday was exciting and very revealing, plus I now have a sexier mouth lol! I learnt a lot from the dentist , did a little bit of research and thought it best to share with y'all. Check this out:

Even with regular and proper brushing and flossing, plaque and tartar will still build up over time. Saliva in our
mouths contain calcium and bacteria. Dental plaque is a soft film enveloping teeth which consists of thousands of different types of bacteria embedded in a matrix of proteins, sugars and lipids. Calcified (hardened) dental plaque is known as tartar. Brushing and flossing may remove some plaque but is unable to remove accumulated tartar.
Scaling removes plaque and tartar and polishing removes stains and remaining plaque while smoothening and shining teeth so that dental plaque cannot attach easily to tooth surfaces.

Polishing may then be followed by a fluoride gel or foam treatment to reduce post-scaling sensitivity and reduce the risk of tooth decay.
Dental scaling and polishing
Dental scaling and polishing is recommended to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and may be necessary every six months depending on the oral condition of a patient. As infections and diseases can spread from the mouth to the rest of the body, affecting general systemic health, it is important to maintain good oral health and hygiene. 
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Here's a link to my video from the trip to the dentist -Instagram Video
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  1. Nice one ma'am,it's actually a good advice to see d dentist at least once in a year cos we do so much with d mouth...nice post 👍



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