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"How Laterna Ventures Became Nigeria's Biggest Bookstore" C.E.O, Remi Morgan

Popular RCCG Pastor, Remi Morgan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Laterna Ventures Limited, a leading literature importation, distribution and marketing organization established in 1994. The Pastor -In- Charge, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Christ Church Parish,Gbagada Lagos,is an accomplished Chartered Accountant of over 25 years experience who received his professional training in the UK and Nigeria. He is a highly sought-after speaker at home and abroad and has trained hundreds of people in the area of entrepreneurship and business development.
Remi Morgan's Laterna Ventures which happens to
be Nigeria's biggest bookstore hosted the first National children's exhibition tagged Exclusively Children Exhibition on Friday, May 27th to Sunday, May 29th 2016 at Lagos Preparatory School, Glover Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The  exhibition which serves as an avenue for importers, distributors and manufacturers of toys, books, stationery, learning and educational resources, games and outdoor equipment, clothing, schools, furniture , recreation clubs to showcase their products and services, was attended by a lot of children who enjoyed enlightening and fun-filled sessions with story-telling by AJAPA and GRANDMA WURA, MINDSCAPE MUSEUM. In an interview with Qismat Yinus at the three day exhibition ,Remi Morgan speaks on Laterna Ventures, and the motivation behind the exclusively children exhibition.

Can you tell us exactly what is happening at this exhibition today?

It is a gathering of different children education and development providers. We have a lot exhibitions by different providers of products and services to children. The demographic we are looking at is children from 0 to 17 years old. So we have providers of products and services such as books,educational toys,games. In addition to these we have people who are providing free dental reviews and pediatric services. We have a lot of toys to make it worthwhile for the children.

What do you hope to achieve with this exhibition?

We want users of all these facilities and resources to be aware of their availability. That is why the providers of these products and services are here. The users range from parents,the children themselves,school owners,government agencies. They all come here. We also have banks who have specific products that are tailored towards children,so they are here as well to present these products.

Why did you choose to start this exhibition on Children's day?

Today is Children's day,and when parent's bring out their children,they see the many resources that are available. Entry is free,they don't pay to come in.

This is a first of its kind exhibition in Nigeria,what exactly inspired this?

We at Laterna Ventures have always been disseminators of knowledge and information. We have in the past done religious and business books,and we realized that there are a lot of books and resources that can help equip the Nigerian child,and make them come to the fullness of their potentials. We've been doing that,and at times when we talk to the users of these resources,we find out that there are other things that they'll like to have access to which we don't necessarily provide. So we said why don't we bring together all the folks that provide these resources. This is our first outing,and we are hoping to build on this. There are a lot of  providers of products and services that are not here at the moment.

So this exhibition is an initiative of Laterna Ventures?

Well,it is from me,the C.E.O of Laterna Ventures,and I shared with a few other players in this space.

How do you feel about the success of this exhibition at its initial outing?

I'm grateful that I shared with a few people,and they came on board. So the meetings and plannings involved a number of other individuals who have organizations in this space. Everybody made a sacrifice. We were the hub,but it really was the input of all these people that has made today happen. We are also grateful to our sponsors. FCMB and a couple of others provided sponsorship.

Tell us about your family and educational background?

My name is Remi Morgan, C.E.O Laterna Ventures, I studied Accounting,and qualified as a Chartered Accountant,and have an MBA as well. I worked in public accounting,and finance industry. I started Laterna Ventures twenty something years ago.

How has it been since you started Laterna Ventures?

It has been interesting work. Like I said earlier,we disseminate knowledge,and information. We've gotten reports from so many people who have chosen Laterna Ventures as their favourite bookstore. We empower Christians as well,by virtue of the books we provide. So its rewarding when you hear those things.

What has made Laterna Ventures the biggest bookstore in Nigeria?

It is the passion for what we do,and the focus. I am a reader myself.

Why did you dump accounting to set up a bookstore?

The Accounting profession is still useful here. It is still very useful here. It is a disciplined profession,which involves paying attention to details,and all that is required here to be able to make things happen.


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