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Types Of Brogues Shoes

Brogues are low-heeled shoes with leather uppers and decorative finishing (which is actually called broguing). Broguing is a kind of ornamentation with heavy perforation and pinking. These shoes appeared in Ireland and were a type of country footwear for everyday occasions. Nowadays this name is referred to several styles of sturdy leather shoes and some business dress shoes. Originally, these shoes were laced by leather laces; this element is still used in modern models.
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Brogues aren't difficult to recognize among a wide variety of other footwear models. They almost always have low heel, toe and heel caps, lace panels and mostly leather laces, and broguing with perforation. Still, there are
several different types of shoes.
Most popular brogue shoes
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Wingtips. They are also called full brogues. These shoes have a pointed toe cap with wings running along both sides of the toe. Thus, they are W-shaped and remind birds' wings.
Spectator shoes. These are full brogues constructed from two different often contrasting colors. Toe and heel cap and lace panels are usually darker, and the body is lighter.  
Ghillie brogues have long laces that wrap around a leg above an ankle. They aren’t used in everyday style, but remain the element of Scottish traditional wear.
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Semi-brogues have decorative perforations along the toe cap and are more formal.
Quarter brogues don't have perforations in the centre of toe cap, but brouging separates toe cap from shoe body. These hoes fit perfectly to business suits and formal wear.
Besides, there are various modern variations of brogues.
How to wear brogues
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Normally, brogues are worn for various occasions, but still they are not shoes to wear with a classic 3-piece suite (only black quarter brogues can be an exception). Remember, that the more colorful and broguing shoes are the less formal they are. It is not appropriate to wear these shoes with black or white ties. In most cases it is okay to pair brogues with jeans, chinos and other casual trousers.
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Every man should have at least a pair of brogues, and it is even better to have several models of different types.
Where to buy
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