Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Zeeworld Highlights:Today On East Meets West

Hello QYBers! Here's exactly how it's going down today on East Meets West On Zeeworld:

Abhay thinks to himself that his dad has done so much for him and accepted Liza so he should also think about Ranbir's happiness.

Uday sets candles all around the room and looks romantically at Lamita as she comes in. He holds her face and they both have an eye-lock session. Rekha rings and gets frustrated when Uday doesn't pick up. She rings again and Lamita tells Uday that it must be important. He picks up and after a while Rekha asks to talk to Lamita. She reminds Lamita about her promise. Lamita agrees and hangs up. Uday takes her arm but she pulls away saying that she's tired and goes to sleep. Uday looks hurt.

Abhay tells Liza that she can't go to USA with him. Liza is upset and
fails to understand the reasoning behind it.

Lamita and Uday wake up; Uday doesn't talk to Lamita and she feels bad. But when he comes out of the bathroom he asks her where she wants to go today and Lamita is happy that he is still talking to her. They go around Mumbai and Uday takes her shopping where he makes her try on different clothes before buying some.

Liza informs the family that she won't be going to America with Abhay. Rama tries to get her to change her mind but Liza is firm and Abhay is proud of her. Later, they have an emotional talk where Abhay thanks her for understanding and says he's very lucky to have a wife like her. Liza hugs him and says that she will miss him.

Uday and Lamita go to a party at the hotel. Uday gifts her a suit and asks her to wear it tonight. Lamita does and Uday is blown away; he compliments her and they both have a cute awkward moment. He asks her to dance and they slow dance for a while before Lamita finally pulls away remembering Rekha's warning. Uday is upset but takes her away from the dance floor and sits down with her. Later; Uday asks Lamita if she is not happy with him and says that he understands the fact that she hasn't accepted him as her husband. Uday is hurt and leaves while Lamita weeps and feels helpless.

Abhay and Dadaji leave. Liza is upset to see him go and Ranbir and Banwari smile. In the morning Naina gets a call saying that her mother is ill. The family tell her to go see her mother and send Nandu, the other servant with her for her safety. The family leave and Ranbir congratulates Banwari for the job, adding that now they will see how Liza handles the house alone.

While Lamita is in the shower; Rekah rings and Uday hesitantly tells her about the distance between him and Lamita. Rekha is happy to hear this. Uday leaves the hotel room and Lamita gets worried. She rings his mobile and gets no answer and so goes out to the beach; worrying as to where to find him. She then hears some people talking about the accident of some guy and worriedly pushes through the crowds until she sees a man lying on the beach with his face covered. Lamita gets tensed. It was not Uday. She starts walking off when she notices Uday in the crowd. She runs to him and hugs him. Uday tells her to stop crying and brings her back to the hotel. He says he is sorry for going away without telling her but he needed some time to himself. She thinks that what she has created is for his well being and she doesn't want it otherwise. Uday orders food for them and Lamita keeps thinking that she has a really good husband.
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