Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Zeeworld Highlights: Today On East Meets West

Banwari is setting up the area for the prayers. Rekha is talking to Liza - both are saying they are not going to work at all like servants whether it is for prayers or otherwise. People who agreed to sending Naina away(Ranbir) or keeping the Prayers (Rama) shoulddo the work.Prayer starts and a lot of elderly ladies are seen - one of them is a buaji being introduced by Mrs Singh. She sees Liza and is shown to be not at all impressed with her or her dress. She says why couldn't she have worn Indian dress today. Then she asks everyone to sit - she looks at Liza and says do i have to ask you specially to sit? Liza is pretty nervous.Liza is crying in her room. She calls Abhay in the middle of the night to complain. She is crying bitterly as she tells Abhay that his family expects her to change overnight. Liza tells Abhay that at the prayers they expected her to participate fully and even grandma's guest commented on her dress. Abhay pacifies her and tells her to overlook small things thathappen and not to pay attention to grandma's guests as they are not part of the family. He tells her to have patience and try to adjust. He asks Liza if she is listening to what he is saying. Liza tells Abhay not to worry as she will try to adjust herself according to the family. Abhay tells the sooner she adjusts the sooner the family will accept her. Liza thinks that Abhay is
right but it is very difficult for her as she is not like Lamita.

Uday and Lamita are shown eating ice-cream on the side of the road. While eating, some ice cream gets on Lamita's nose, Uday points out the same to her and Lamita cleans her nose and then very cutely puts some on Uday's nose and starts laughing, Lamita runs across the road leaving Uday to ponder. Uday talks to Lamita in his head, he thinks that he is wrong when he thinks that Lamita is not happy with him, but he says Lamita seems happy but there is definitely something that keeps her from coming close to him. Lamita is waving at Uday and calling him to her side of the road. Uday goes over and they both walk away together.

Back at the house, Mrs. Singh expresses her happiness after the prayer. Rama asks to go and rest as she must really be tired after the prayer .Ranbir says that people don't get tired after praying to Matarani, infact it gives them strength and pleasure. He tells Uma to do prayers whole heartedly, she agrees. Anjana butts in and says that the same should also be taught to Liza. Ranjeet tells Anjana that Liza is sensible and she will learn in time.Liza comes down and apologizes for all wrong that happened at the prayers. Banwari, Mrs. Singh and Rama forgive her and tell her not to worry as she will learn. Banwari instigates Ranbir against liza saying that she has guts to say sorry after committing mistakes and this habit may lead her to make place for herself in everyone's hearts. Ranbir stuns Banwari by saying that is exactly what he wants.Anjana tells Rekha that because of the prayers a lot of turbulence happened in the family. Rekha says she has always been against this prayer. Liza comes in and asks Rekha if she did right by apologizing. Rekha tells her she shouldn't have as it was not her fault and Ranbir likes to make big issue out of nothing. They ask her to sit for a chat but she leaves saying that its time for Rama's medicines. Anjana says Liza is turning into a typical daughter in law. Rekha thinks that after watching today's drama she has understood Ranbir's plan, she continues thinking that she has already made a new plan to keep Lamita and Uday apart as there are only 6 days left (panditji had asked Lamita to be away from Uday for 21days), but this time she wishes that even Uday will also like the habit of staying away from Lamita.

Rama is sitting on her bed. Liza enters and asks her if she has taken her medicines. Rama says that Liza has pleased everyone by apologizing and that to move forward in life one must let go of such small things. Liza tells her okay and that she will give her the medicines, Rama tells her that she never forget about her medicines. They are sharing a nice moment when Ranbir enters and hands over some Jewelry and cash to keep. Just then he reminds Rama about her appointment with Dr. He asks her to hurry. Ranbir and Rama leave.Liza is cooking in the kitchen, Uma enters and looks at the mess Liza has created. Liza asks for the vegetable cutter as she can't find it, Uma says sorry she doesn't know as she has never worked in the kitchen and this is Naina and Nandu's work. She says that she wanted to drink coffee but she can't stand the mess Liza has created. Liza tells her that she will make coffee for her. Uma tells her to bring it to the hall. Liza goes to ask Uma how much sugar she takes and Uma tells her to bring sugar that she will put it herself. Ranbir and Rama return, Uma and Liza tell her that she should take care of herself and relax. Rama asks Liza if she has been working in the kitchen alone all the while, and says that she will come and help, but Uma stops her saying that she should relax. Liza also tells her she will manage. Ranbir asks Liza for a cup of tea.

 Ranbir goes up to the bedroom looking worried.Liza brings coffee for Uma and Rama. Rama is happy as Liza works a lot. Uma says the coffee is not bad and Liza is pleased. Ranbir is looking everywhere for the cash and jewelry he had left on the bed. He comes down to the hall and asks Rama about it, she tells him to look properly as she doesn't know. Mrs. Singh enters inquiring what the matter is. Ranbir tells her about the missing packet. She tells him to look properly again as it can't go anywhere.Uma asks if someone had come in their room. Ranbir says at the time it was him, Rama and Liza pointing finger at her. Ranbir says they should go and check in Liza's room that maybe she took it by mistake. Liza says no a show can it come into her room and that he should search in their room. But Ranbir tells her that they need to look in her room so they go.Liza cries and tells to Ranbir that she is his daughter in law ,how can he blame her . Dadi says she is mistaken and Ranbir is not accusing her for stealing but Liza says if Abhay was here this wouldn't happen. Ranbir says he will do what he has to whether Abhay is here or not. Rama sides with Ranbir saying that he is right and they really need to look for the packet and everyone should go and check in their rooms.

Anjana enters her room and complains about having to search her room. Vinay wakes up from his sleep and asks her what's the matter. After Anjana relates the situation he just tells her not to pay any attention to Ranbir and instead of searching she should just relax. He then goes back to sleep.Downstairs Liza still argues that she will not check in her room and that she comes from a good family. Ranbir tells her that this is also a good family and if she doesn't go than he will go and search in her room. After a bit of more arguing Ranbir is searching in Liza's room and sees her handbag, he opens while looking at Liza and begins to search it. Liza calls Abhay and tries to tell him but he just cuts her saying that the family loves her a lot and that she needs to adjust and understand. He tells her he will call her back and hangs up. Liza is upset. Uday comes and sits next to Lamita. He tells Lamita that they have seen everything in Mumbai and there is nothing left to see now. Uday asks her what they should do and she tells him to do whatever he thinks is right. He takes her hand in his (soft music plays in the background), she looks away and asks him what he's thinking. He tells her that he has met the whole Mumbai but not his Lamita. She pulls away her hand and gets up. Uday get up and makes a phone call and Lamita asks him if they are going back and he says by the evening flight. Uday seems upset and Lamita thinks that they are going early because he is upset with her.Liza comes down and complains to Rekha about Ranbir checking her room. Anjana instigates Rekha to tell Ranbir off and lodge a complain in the police if the packet was so important. Banwari asks where it can go but Liza says she don't have it. Anjana says Liza has some self respect too. Ranbir says not to make a big issue as there is nothing wrong in trying to find the stuffin their own house. Rekha and Ranbir exchange glances. Uday and Lamita are in a taxi , Uday looks away from her and Lamita is upset because Uday is upset.Rama tries to pacify Liza and ask her to come to eat and not to be angry with the food and respect food, Liza asks her about her respect. Rama tells her that nothing was found so she should not to be upset, but Liza insists it was not good. Rama apologizes to Liza on Ranbir's behalf but Liza tells her not to that she is upset because Ranbir didn't trust her and that she cannot stay in the house anymore. Liza starts packing and Rama keeps asking her to stop and not to leave the house by apologizing.Banwari asks Ranbir about the packet and to go to the police station. Ranbir tells him that the packet is safe with him and no need to go to police station. Banwari tells him he is a Guru.

Rama following Liza asks her not to leave, Ranbir looks on. Rama persuades Liza to stay, she asks Ranbir to stop Liza. Ranbir screams that he has not asked her leave. In fact he accepted her but if she wants to leave, then she can go. Banwari tells Ranbir to stop her. Ranbir says that he has not done anything that she should leave the house. Rama says he is an elder, Liza is immature. Ranbir says that if she wants he will hold Liza's feet and ask for forgiveness. He takes Rama inside while Banwari follows.Liza is leaving with flashbacks of her entry as a new bride.Liza opens the door.

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