Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sex Styles Women Can Use To Keep Their Husbands

- Marriage Counselor, Dr. Nkem Okoro

Dr. Nkem Okoro is the founder and Chief Coordinator of “The Wife”. The very popular marriage counselor has a book titled “Enriching Marital Sex” which was reviewed by Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. 

“Sexual intercourse can take place in a variety of positions, all of which are normal. Different positions have different levels of comfort, convenience and pleasure. Every couple should take the initiative to create more positions and techniques that will suit their situation and increase enjoyment.” She says.

In the book, she shares various sex styles women can use to keep their husbands.


This is the most popular position. The wife lies on her back with her legs spread apart and a little bent. The husband is above her, between her legs and supports himself by his elbows and knees in order not to bother her with his weight.
The advantage of the basic position is that there is clitoral stimulation. The wife should participate actively here by moving her buttocks left and right, up and down and make good use of her fingers while in this position. She can clip or squeeze her husband’s penis to give him maximum stimulation and pleasure by contracting and releasing her vaginal walls.
Variations of the basic position are: a. Stimulating basic position. The woman rests her legs on her husband’s shoulders. The husband feels more stimulation and reaches orgasm faster.
The position also helps a husband who cannot sustain erection. b. Gliding position. The woman lies on her back with her legs spread apart and her husband lies on top of her. His legs and feet are along hers. Her inner thighs and the vulva form part of the canal for the penis.


The husband lies on the bed. The wife sits
on him, with his body between her legs and her knees on the bed. There are three types of this position for the wife: sitting straight, leaning backward and leaning forward. Any of these positions makes it possible for her to play a more active role by initiating movements that would stimulate her most. This excites the husband as he sees his wife actively participating and enjoying herself. In this position, he can stimulate her nipples better and her clitoris, especially when she leans backwards. The position is advantageous for a big husband and a small wife and during pregnancy.

The disadvantages are that it is often an uncomfortable position for the wife and the husband has difficulty in controlling his arousal.


There are several variations of this position – back standing position, the A-four position where the wife is on her knees and hands, the sideways position where both husband and wife lie sideways facing the same direction.
In the sideways position, the husband lies behind his wife and she lies in front of him, her legs bent at the hips- her body slightly curved away from his. The husband has better access to the vagina in this position. Once he enters from the rear in this position, the wife presses her thighs together and pushes backwards so that her buttocks make contact with his lower abdomen and scrotum.

The advantages of this position are that it is very comfortable and the husband can control his arousal. The disadvantages are that the penis cannot contact the clitoris and the couple cannot kiss.
In the back standing position, penetration is not so good. Therefore, the wife needs to bend down by placing her hands on her knees or on the floor, for deeper penetration. The position is tiring.
In the A-four position, penetration is deeper when the wife puts her head down on the pillow. The advantage of this position is that the husband can caress the wife’s breasts and buttocks.


The husband sits on a chair or edge of the bed with the wife straddled across his lap facing him. Using this position, the wife lowers herself onto his penis at her discretion. The position is good for wives who find the entrance of the husband’s penis painful. By controlling the entrance, a wife can minimise the pain. On entry, she can make circular movements of the pelvis and pull her pelvis back and forth, not forgetting the contracting and releasing of the vaginal muscles.

The husband and wife are standing facing each other. Penetration is better when the husband goes down a little and penetrates as he moves up. The wife can also lift up one leg and support it on the husband’s body (i.e. his leg) or on a chair or bed nearby. This position can be tiring.
Another position is where the husband lifts his (preferably slim and lightweight) wife while standing, to a position where penetration is possible.
This position is tiring too.

The husband lies diagonally across his wife who lies on her back on the bed. She opens her legs wide enough for penetration. The sexual union continues as he moves from side to side. This position provides better clitoral stimulation and penetration is deeper.
The disadvantage is that you cannot kiss each other in this position.

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