Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Diary Of An Isale Eko Chick: Tonight On Telemundo's A Passion For Revenge

Ok so everyone knows I'm a tv addict,and my close pals know I couldn't do without Telemundo even if I tried. Yes ke,for me it has become like an obsession,and whenever I miss an episode of my favorite telenovelas on Telemundo,I automatically become sad. I guess this is majorly as a result of my love for literature and anything that has to do with it. Errm,let's not forget that I'm also a hopeless romantic. Alright I won't even try to bore you with stories,but I'm just a little curious to now if there are a bunch of telemundo addicts like me in the building. I mean do we have  parliament members of Telemundo who read my blog too? Lol! Anyways I watch almost all the telenovelas on Telemundo at the moment,but my favorites are 

A passion for revenge( Don't tell anybody o,but I'm seriously crushing on Aaron Diaz who plays the role of Arturo Gallardo. He is such a hunk! Chineke! So you see one of the numerous reasons why I love this one)

Broken Angel (My Telemundo crush Aaron Diaz dey this one sef. He plays the role of Santiago Cano). These are some of my favorites. 

One thing though,Telemundo can like to play 'suspense stunts',So I always long to see the next episode. I try to get a little info on that,so I don't carry last.

Tonight on A Passion For Revenge- Arturo tells Sofia the story of his family's ranch and how her mother threw them off their land. Sofia questions Cayetana about the Gallardo ranch.

I can't wait to watch!
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