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OKOYA's Daughter, HADIZA OKOYA Floats Online Mall

•Says "My Dad Has Been Grooming Me For Business Since Age 17”

Hadiza Okoya

Billionaire industrialist Alhaji Rasak Okoya’s daughter Hadiza Okoya Akala, and former Senate Chairman on Privatization, Senator Gbenga Obadara’s daughter Moremi Obadara has just joined, the league of online business owners.

Moremi Obadara

The two hardworking and business oriented ladies recently set up “Whatvendor”, an online market space which offers a link to stress free event planning cutting out the middle man for essential party  needs. Whatvendor which according to Hadiza Okoya is an online platform providing easier accessibility to event vendors, ultimately allows the underdogs in the industry to promote their craft therefore generating them a better income.

Qismat Yinus spoke to Hadiza Okoya about her first of its kind online business venture in Nigeria. The soft spoken stylish lady talks about  ‘what vendor’ and it benefits in this interview.

You recently set up an online mall alongside your friend Moremi Obadara, what is this business all about?

Whatvendor is an online platform providing easier accessibility to event vendors. This  ultimately allows the upcomers in the industry to promote their craft therefore generating them a better income. On the consumers side, it helps us get better value for our money. The laws of economics would tell you that the more supply the less demand therefore driving the value down. Ideally we live in a society where people are being charged 300 thousand naira for bridal make up,whereas a normal face of makeup which looks like bridal make up might cost 12,000 plus.
Understandably you must factor in the transportation and early wake charges which if anything should be 80 to 100k, but unfortunately we only see the popular make up artists therefore demand is high, driving up prices, whereas Whatvendor allows people just as good to be recognized.
Nigeria is growing at a rapid speed and yet we still only recognize certain event planners or decorators who will charge like 3 million naira up for their services alone not even food and drink eventhough the people
who are unknown but just as good or even better would be happy to have that 3 million naira as their whole event budget.

Why did you choose to set up an online platform such as this?

Moremi Obadara and I, decided to set up an online platform like whatvendor because we both recently moved back from the UK and had needed to organize a wedding and a birthday bash, with this we noticed how hard it was to find vendors and could only seem to find vendors that were popular on social media or through word of mouth. It proved very stressful and that was how whatvendor was born in a magical way to find event vendors at a click of a button.

There are a lot of online businesses in Nigeria, but yours is a first of its kind, what inspired you choice of promoting event vendors?

Nigeria is known and very popular for its social scene. Every week there’s a wedding birthday or even an office party, so it is looking for new innovative ways to gain leverage in the industry.

What do you hope to achieve with this business?

We hope to dominate the market. If you are planning an event, we want the first point of contact to be We want to achieve a stress free link between vendors and customers.

Why did you choose to work with Moremi Obadara on this project?

Moremi Obadara is a very intellectual success driven woman. She is not only my personal motivator but a very professional career woman too. So it was a no-brainer when it came to partnering with her.

Was your decision to go into business influenced by the success of your Dad in business?

Yes. My father is my biggest influencer, role model and inspiration. He made something out of nothing and has always taught me that early starts, hardwork, dedication, and practical doings are the key to success.My dad has been grooming me since I was 17, for the world of business, through trips to China, Milan and so on. 

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