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"Why I Used Tuface Idibia's Wife, Annie To Promote My Brand"-

Celebrity Fashion Designer,Abbyke Domina



Abbyke Domina is one of the most popular and fast growing celebrity fashion designers in Nigeria at the moment.The University of Lagos graduate is a stylist to reckon with in the fashion industry. The very creative and hardworking lady of style speaks about her career,and why she used Annie Idibia as her model for her new collection in this interview with Qismat Yinus.

Tell us about your family background?

I'm Abbyke Domina,a celebrity fashion designer and stylist, graduated from University of Lagos. I'm the fourth child and last born of my family. 

How did you get into the fashion world?

Fashion has been in me since I was little, I remember always wanting to look the best, among my friends. So I took my time with fashion and style and thought about creating a life with fashion. 

What inspires you as a fashion designer?
A lot of things inspire me, first my inspiration comes from God, I don't want him to regret creating me, so I try as much as possible to be a better person. Then when I go online and do research about fashion, when I see designs, I get inspired a lot. 

What sets you apart from other designers?
I chose to be different, and classy, but yet simple. I love colors, I work with a lot of beautiful fabrics. I make my clothes in a way that if anyone sees them, it wouldn't be hard to say this is Abbyke Domina. 

How has it been since you started as a fashion designer?
It's been great, it's been famous. I'm grateful for where I started and where I am today. I love the feelings. Glory be to God Almighty. 

What makes a great fashion designer?
Hardwork, Intellect, creativity 

How would you rate the Nigerian fashion industry compared to those abroad?
I must say I'm impressed with it compared to the old industry, especially now that the competition is wild, everyone is striving to be a better person. So they are working hard to be better. For example, I order fabrics from Swiss, and Austria. So I believe I can do what designers abroad are doing. I make use of some fabrics they use as well. 

Who are your role models in the industry?
I'm my own role model, because everyday I try hard to impress myself with hardwork. So I salute who I am everyday of my life. 

How would you define style?

Style is life, style is creativity, style is what you wear, how you wear it. Style defines who you are. 

Who exactly is Abbyke Domina?
Abbyke Domina is a celebrity fashion designer and stylist, a graduate of University of Lagos. A woman of class and intellect.
What does it take to be a fashionista?
Being a fashionista, your sense of fashion and style must be high, you must be a happy person who is always ready to show the world how to mix colors.
 If you weren't a fashion designer,what would you be doing?
If I wasn't into fashion designing, I would still be within the fashion industry.I'll probably be selling clothes, because I was into that before I diversified into designing. 

You seem to be very popular among Nigerian celebrities, and you have even featured them in some of your advert campaigns,what would you attribute your success and fast growing popularity to?
You see one thing about popularity is to always dare to be different. Always be ready to try new things no one has, or re-brand the old ones in your own new way. People will come to you, once they love what you do. They'll always want to be around you or work with you. I will say I'm working, I'm always aiming for new things, I'm different. And when you have the Grace of God, everything seems easy.

Tell us about your new collection?

The new collection is themed' The Luxe Lace Collection. We worked with different pop of color, and fabrics, using beautiful lace fabrics.

Why did you decide to use Annie Idibia as your model for the new collection?

Its not the first time Annie Idibia will be showcasing or modelling my project. She covered ' The Celebrity Shoot Magazine third edition,and as a result of that we had great turnup. Annie got fans and traffic. When I work,the first thing I check is someone who can market the project and has lots of fans. That's why I picked her .
How was it like working with Annie Idibia?

It was great working with Annie, she is such a pleasant woman, and a strong person.
Why did you choose to work with lace and lux fabrics?
It's been a while since we worked with lace materials, which had always been our best. We had not had any shoot lately using lace fabrics, so I decided to get my crew along with the project.
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