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"I Took Over My Daughter's Cocktail Business,After She Relocated Abroad"

-Lagos Socialite,Mopelola Adamson

Popular Lagos socialite, Mopelola Adamson is the very hardworking and charming woman behind cocktails and small chops outfit B-NEXT COCKTAILS.The soft spoken woman of style took over the business from her daughter and has been able to transform it into one of the biggest in the catering services sector of events planning and management in Nigeria. 
In this interview with Qismat Yinus,she speaks on why she took over her daughter,Bisola's business,her success story,and a lot more.

Can we meet you Ma?
I am Mrs Mopelola Adamson,and I run B-NEXT COCTAILS,SMALL CHOPS,AND DESERTS. I do cocktails,small chops,and deserts. We do sunset,ice cappuccino,pina colada,other smoothies,and diced fruits.
How have you been running the business?
I really thank GOD,because a lot of people know me,and when I do my job at events,people come to me to get my complimentary card. When you do a good job,people will patronize you.
How do you cope in this kind of business which is male dominated, especially at your age Ma?
That's a good question. This business actually belongs to my daughter,Bisoye Adamson,but she has moved to America where she is married with kids. I saw the way she did the business when she was here,and how my friends patronized her a lot. When she decided to settle down in America, I decided to pick the business up and run it. I actually have a gift shop at Holloway in Lagos,but chose to pick the business of cocktails from where my daughter left it,and I am enjoying it.
So,is your daughter still into this business in America?
No she is not doing it anymore. You know in America,people don't throw parties the way we do in Africa. We are party people,happy people.
How do you balance your marriage and busy schedule due to your career?
If you have a good husband that support you in everything you do,that is very good. You need the support of your husband,and make sure he is happy with you. My husband is happy with me,and he always gives me encouragement.
How would you describe your husband Ma?
Actually my husband is a good man to me. We are like siblings. We met when we were in Secondary School,and we are about 35 years in marriage now.I give GOD the Glory.My husband is Alhaji Jamiu Adamson, Baba Adinni of Itire Land.
Do you have any advice for women on how to balance marriage and career?
You shouldn't let your husband do everything for you. You have to work hand in hand with your husband. I have six children,and the last one is the one assisting me here today. The older one is at another event at the moment. They all enjoy doing this business, It has become like a family business.So women should not relax  but contribute to the future of their children.
How would you describe your marriage?
Actually my marriage is lovely,but there is no way there won't be challenges. I thank God that everything is great till today.
So how does your daughter feel about you running the business now?
She is always happy. I call her when we have events. I tell her "Bisoye we have three jobs today,we have an event today". She is always happy with me.And she has never asked me about money or how much I have made.She just tells me "Mummy make yourself happy".
Where do you see this business in the next five years?
I am sure it would have grown in leaps and bounds.
As an expert in this business, do you train people?
Most of the boys and girls working with me have decided to be on their own. I am always very busy,so I don't have time for training.Some of these boys and girls working with me,watch, learn and end up starting their own businesses. I am always very busy and I love partying.

Now that you mentioned partying,what do you think about the Aso- ebi trend in Nigeria?
People always say Nigerians are happy people all over the world. We love to party whether there is money or not. I don't see anything wrong with it.If you have money you buy,if not nobody can hold you for it.
What sets you apart from others in your line of business?
That is my blending. My smoothies are special. When you take my water melon smoothie,you can taste the difference.My sunset drink is also very special.
What inspires you as a business woman at your age?
The inspiration actually comes from my daughter. I am a workaholic. I have worked all my life because that was how we were trained. I was abroad for about eight years,before coming back to Nigeria. I got back,and found my daughter doing this business after she had graduated. I supported her,and when she decided to settle down in America, I took over from her.
Do you have any advice for people who want to go into this line of business?
Yes. If you have an opportunity,do it. It may be rough initially but with time you will get there. Also make sure you are hygienic with it. Hygiene is essential in this business. You need to be focused and tolerant too. Don't talk to people anyhow.

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