Wednesday, 30 March 2016

QYB Special:Men Should Suck Their Wives' Breast To Prevent BREAST CANCER

The female breasts have remained the most conspicuous and attractive feature of the female sexual organs. Besides the age long biological function of the breast as a source of food and nourishment for babies, the breast is also a major source of sexual attraction for the male specie, just as it is also a key sexual organ for the woman, highly sensitive to stimulation.
As a sexual organ, the breast have been known to give immense pleasure to both men and women during sexual encounters. In fact some women have reportedly disclosed that they are capable of achieving orgasm even when thoroughly stimulated through sucking and caressing of the breast alone.
But apart from serving the function of mother infant bonding, and sexual bonding between couples, vigorous sucking of the breasts of a woman by her husband has been proven to be a way of preventing breast cancer.
Some years back a BBC report suggested that men and women should have their breasts sucked thoroughly to help them stay away from breast cancer. The report published by BBC indicates that sucking has the tendency to reduce the incidence of breast cancer.
In a recent interview with Qismat Yinus, the former Apex Nurse of Lagos, Island maternity, Matron Animashaun spoke about breast cancer and how men can help prevent their wives from having the most common form of cancer in women.
The Matron who now works on contract at Ijede Health Center after her retirement, advised that women should breast feed their  babies well, because it reduces the risk of breast cancer, and they should also allow their husbands play with their breasts and suck them when they are
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Saturday, 26 March 2016

"I Took Over My Daughter's Cocktail Business,After She Relocated Abroad"

-Lagos Socialite,Mopelola Adamson

Popular Lagos socialite, Mopelola Adamson is the very hardworking and charming woman behind cocktails and small chops outfit B-NEXT COCKTAILS.The soft spoken woman of style took over the business from her daughter and has been able to transform it into one of the biggest in the catering services sector of events planning and management in Nigeria. 
In this interview with Qismat Yinus,she speaks on why she took over her daughter,Bisola's business,her success story,and a lot more.

Can we meet you Ma?
I am Mrs Mopelola Adamson,and I run B-NEXT COCTAILS,SMALL CHOPS,AND DESERTS. I do cocktails,small chops,and deserts. We do sunset,ice cappuccino,pina colada,other smoothies,and diced fruits.
How have you been running the business?
I really thank GOD,because a lot of people know me,and when I do my job at events,people come to me to get my complimentary card. When you do a good job,people will patronize you.
How do you cope in this kind of business which is male dominated, especially at your age Ma?
That's a good question. This business actually belongs to my daughter,Bisoye Adamson,but she has moved to America where she is married with kids. I saw the way she did the business when she was here,and how my friends patronized her a lot. When she decided to settle down in America, I decided to pick the business up and run it. I actually have a gift shop at Holloway in Lagos,but chose to pick the business of cocktails from where my daughter left it,and I am enjoying it.
So,is your daughter still into this business in America?
No she is not doing it anymore. You know in America,people don't throw parties the way we do in Africa. We are party people,happy people.
How do you balance your marriage and busy schedule due to your career?
If you have a good husband that support you in everything you do,that is very good. You need the support of your husband,and make sure he is happy with you. My husband is happy with me,and he always gives me encouragement.
How would you describe your husband Ma?
Actually my husband is a good man to me. We are like siblings. We met when we were in Secondary School,and we are about 35 years in marriage now.I give GOD the Glory.My husband is Alhaji Jamiu Adamson, Baba Adinni of Itire Land.
Do you have any advice for women on how to balance marriage and career?
You shouldn't let your husband do everything for you. You have to work hand in hand with your husband. I have six children,and the last one is the one assisting me here today. The older one is at another event at the moment. They all enjoy doing this business, It has become like a family business.So women should not relax  but contribute to the future of their children.
How would you describe your marriage?
Actually my marriage is lovely,but there is no way there won't be challenges. I thank God that everything is great till today.
So how does your daughter feel about you running the business now?
She is always happy. I call her when we have events. I tell her "Bisoye we have three jobs today,we have an event today". She is always happy with me.And she has never asked me about money or how much I have made.She just tells me "Mummy make yourself happy".
Where do you see this business in the next five years?
I am sure it would have grown in leaps and bounds.
As an expert in this business, do you train people?
Most of the boys and girls working with me have decided to be on their own. I am always very busy,so I don't have time for training.Some of these boys and girls working with me,watch, learn and end up starting their own businesses. I am always very busy and I love partying.

Now that you mentioned partying,what do you think about the Aso- ebi trend in Nigeria?
People always say Nigerians are happy people all over the world. We love to party whether there is money or not. I don't see anything wrong with it.If you have money you buy,if not nobody can hold you for it.
What sets you apart from others in your line of business?
That is my blending. My smoothies are special. When you take my water melon smoothie,you can taste the difference.My sunset drink is also very special.
What inspires you as a business woman at your age?
The inspiration actually comes from my daughter. I am a workaholic. I have worked all my life because that was how we were trained. I was abroad for about eight years,before coming back to Nigeria. I got back,and found my daughter doing this business after she had graduated. I supported her,and when she decided to settle down in America, I took over from her.
Do you have any advice for people who want to go into this line of business?
Yes. If you have an opportunity,do it. It may be rough initially but with time you will get there. Also make sure you are hygienic with it. Hygiene is essential in this business. You need to be focused and tolerant too. Don't talk to people anyhow.

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

QYB Style: Popular Lagos Shoe Store Slank Launches New Collection

Slank is an emerging shoe line which manufactures and stocks top of the range shoes for men. It is a Lagos based shoe store which is fast growing. To order for their wide range of classy shoes you can reach them via:

Mobile: 08091105141,08187338066
BBM;    2BCF512B, 5C48054D

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Over 50 Celeb Women Storm Sade Okoya's Grandma's Burial

On Sunday March 13,2016, Sade Okoya alongside her billionaire husband Alhaji Rasak Okoya,and other family members hosted socialites and celebrities to a grand burial reception at their famous Oluwanishola Estate in honour of late Alhaja Bilikisu Monisola Shittu,who was Sade Okoya's Grandmother.

The event which was compered by popular comedian, Tunde Adewale a.k.a Tee A,was a high octane party which was well attended.The hall inside the Okoya's empire called Oluwanishola Estate was beautifully decorated by Subtle Elegance Events,and it looked quite exquisite and apt for such a grand event. Qismat Yinus was at the event and now brings you details.

It was a gathering of Nigeria's creme de la creme with celebrity women such as
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Sunday, 20 March 2016

QYB Style: How To Step Out With Your Kids In Matching Outfits


Kids are the perfect twinning partners you can get. Be it with Mummy or Daddy you can never go wrong.Children are always adorable in whatever they wear,and they look like you so this makes the twinning easier.A perfect twinning comes with the mother/daughter or father/son rocking the same color or style of an outfit. 

Check out cool new ways to step out with your kids in style:

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Friday, 18 March 2016

QYB Style: Why Trish O Couture's ‘The LOVE Edit’ Collection Is Still Trending

Luxurious eponymous fashion brand Trish O Couture owned by Patricia Onumonu recently unveiled its 2016 valentine inspired collection called ‘The LOVE Edit’.
In the collection, an obvious play of reds, monochromes and florals to portray fun, fashionable outfits for Valentine and post-valentine season can be obviously seen.
The very alluring pieces are still trending in the fashion scene at the moment due to the quality of fabrics and the exquisiteness in the design patterns. Fashion buffs are still talking about this collection and we thought to bring it here,just incase you missed the presentation of the collection.
See the collection after the cut
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Thursday, 17 March 2016

QYB Style:Top Celebrities Storm Omowunmi Akinnifesi's Clothing Launch In Lagos

On Sunday,6th of March,2016,former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria,Omowunmi Akinnifesi,launched her clothing line,known simply as Omowunmi. The event which took place at The Polo Avenue,Victoria Island Lagos,was a fashion show with class. Omowunmi who is well known for her great fashion sense,and elegant style launched her fashion label in a very grand manner,with dignitaries,socialites,and celebrities in attendance to support and patronize her. Qismat Yinus was at the show and now brings you all the details.




The event which was hosted by popular Cool FM presenter Kahyla Oniwo was attended by top Nigerian celebrities which include,
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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

"I Started Dressing My Friends Up As An Undergrad"

– Lawiza Creations Boss, Bose AdegunwaGraphic3

Popular Nigerian fashion designer, Bose Adegunwa is the Creative Director and CEO of Lawiza Creations, and also Lawiza School of fashion. The very stylish designer who is a graduate of Sociology from University of Ilorin has been able to train a lot of fashion designers who are now business owners.
Bose Adegunwa whose fashion house, Lawiza Creations happens to be one of the biggest in Lagos,and has established itself as a brand, with pure originality without compromising the standard of fashion accessories, opened up about her fashion label and school, in an interview with QISMAT YINUS, at her Magodo, Lagos, Office.
Can we meet you?
My name is Bose Adegunwa, I am the Creative Director Lawiza Creations in Magodo, I am a graduate of Sociology from University of Ilorin. I am a mother of three. Like I said earlier I have a fashion label called Lawiza. I also run a fashion school.
How did you come about the name? Lawiza for your fashion label
The name “Lawiza” came from merging my name, with my husband and children’s names.
How did you get into fashion?
Well, I didn’t start out as a designer, I started by doing a lot of business. But one day
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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Qismat Meets EX-MBGN Omowunmi Akinnifesi

Speaks On Her New Ready-To-Wear Fashion Line

Ex- Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Omowunmi Akinnifesi has just joined the league of those in fashion business. The stylish beauty queen unveiled her clothing line called “Omowunmi Ready To Wear Collection: The Urban Movement at the Polo Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos on Sunday 6th March 2016.
In this interview with QISMAT YINUS, she speaks about her clothing line, and fashion in general.


What is your clothing line all about?
This is the Omowunmi Ready To Wear Clothing. It is for the busy and sociable woman. A woman who can wear whatever she is wearing, for breakfast, to lunch with friends, to a meeting, and also to the office.
What she is wearing transcends through different occasions. She does not have to go home to change. This is what I wanted to do for the “Omowunmi Woman”.
What inspired this line?
It is about trying to empower women, make them look and feel good. Women are losing their substance. I just wanted to add value to the Nigerian entertainment industry, in terms of fashion.
So what do you hope to achieve with it?
I hope to inspire people to do more ready-to-wear, as opposed to doing couture. Everyone does couture, and it does not move fast enough. When you do couture, you do one piece, you don’t do many pieces of one. It is a good thing, however, we want to build a good market so we can have our own “Oxford Street” here in Nigeria, where Nigerian designers will be doing ready-to-wear. We go to Oxford Street, in the UK and shop for Zara or Ted Baker. We need to spend the money here.
Would you be going into couture later?
Not really. If I do go into couture, it would be something special, for a special friend and it could also be for the business, but right now we are doing ready-to-wear.
Did you study Fashion Designing before setting up your label?
I studied at London College of Fashion. I have wanted to do designing. I went to Kings College London, and studied Environmental Management, and after that I was like I wanted to do fashion. I have won fashion icon of the year awards from City People, and also from Vanguard. Also a lot of the fashion designers that have designed for me have always told me to go do my own stuff. So I thought if everyone is telling me to do this, I have to do it. I saw it was something that I loved to do, and I decided to take the bold step forward.
So how has it been since you started?
It has been wonderful. I launched in December and sold out, which is not normal, because a lot of people did not even know I had a clothing line.
Many people just walked into the stores, and I sold out. So I was actually supposed to launch in December, but I sold out, which is why I am launching in March now. So it is going really well.
Can you mention some of the big names who wear your outfits?
We have a lot of people. We have Osas Ighodaro, Annie Idibia, and so many them that I can’t think of right now. Numerous high profile celebrities have worn my clothes. Aunty Sade Okoya is here right now, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, Nkiru Anumudu, Ruth Osime are all here. These are women who have defined themselves in the fashion industry, and for them to be here, and admire my pieces, makes me honoured.
Did your background as a beauty queen influence your journey into fashion designing?
Of course. I am very favoured and I thank God for it. I am using my platform to create wonderful designs, and also to inspire people. I am happy that I am able to do this.
As a fashionista, how would you define style?
Style is in-built. It is something you bring from the inside outside, not the other way round. For example I could be Bohemian and wear maxi skirts, and dresses, because that is who I am. I could also be chic and wear pencil skirts, and tops; your style is a reflection of who you really are.

So what we should be expecting from your line, after this launch?
You should be looking out for more designs. We are stocking at Meidei in Lekki, Grey Velvet in Lekki, Ikeja, and Port Harcourt. We will also be launching in USA, and United Kingdom. I am in partnership with Polo Avenue and the other stores.
Why did you choose to partner with Polo Avenue, and launch your line at the Polo Avenue Store in Lagos?
Why wouldn’t I? Polo Avenue is a luxury store. We are an affordable brand, but I wanted to inspire people. It is very good when you enter a store, and it is very intimidating, but you find out you can actually get affordable stuff like mine. It is comforting. I chose Polo Avenue because I wanted somewhere people can aspire to be and afford my clothing right here inside Polo.
When you say affordable, what do you really mean?
Our price range is between N8,000 and N40,000.
So it is not a luxury brand?
It is not a luxury brand. We are middle range. We are not cheap, but we are affordable. It is premium affordability. That is why we are at Polo Avenue, we are premium, but also affordable.
When I brought my clothes here at the Polo Avenue, all the sales girls bought from me. The sales girls were happy that they could get those affordable clothes here at Polo.
Did you design all the pieces in your collection yourself?
I designed everything, from the fabric selection. However, I am not a fashion designer, I am a fashion entrepreneur. My designs are simple.
What sets you apart from other fashion designers?
I am for a woman with a social life style, I am not couture. I am ready-to-wear. You can wear my clothes from day to night. Omowunmi’s pieces transcends all of these.
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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Qismat's Faves: Mention Your Favorite Movie Of All Time!!!

I'm quite a movie addict so I have tons of old movies that I never get tired of watching. I still get excited when I see these old movies. Movies like Stomp The Yard,Brown Sugar,Love and Basketball,Jumping The Broom,Saworoide,Thunderbolt,and probably all Tyler Perry movies especially The Madea classics make my all time favorites list. Yeah I love movies like that! So its throwback Thursday,mention your favorite movies of all time. Name a movie you've watched over five times and you are still entertained by?

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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

"Why I Used Tuface Idibia's Wife, Annie To Promote My Brand"-

Celebrity Fashion Designer,Abbyke Domina



Abbyke Domina is one of the most popular and fast growing celebrity fashion designers in Nigeria at the moment.The University of Lagos graduate is a stylist to reckon with in the fashion industry. The very creative and hardworking lady of style speaks about her career,and why she used Annie Idibia as her model for her new collection in this interview with Qismat Yinus.

Tell us about your family background?

I'm Abbyke Domina,a celebrity fashion designer and stylist, graduated from University of Lagos. I'm the fourth child and last born of my family. 

How did you get into the fashion world?

Fashion has been in me since I was little, I remember always wanting to look the best, among my friends. So I took my time with fashion and style and thought about creating a life with fashion. 

What inspires you as a fashion designer?
A lot of things inspire me, first my inspiration comes from God, I don't want him to regret creating me, so I try as much as possible to be a better person. Then when I go online and do research about fashion, when I see designs, I get inspired a lot. 

What sets you apart from other designers?
I chose to be different, and classy, but yet simple. I love colors, I work with a lot of beautiful fabrics. I make my clothes in a way that if anyone sees them, it wouldn't be hard to say this is Abbyke Domina. 

How has it been since you started as a fashion designer?
It's been great, it's been famous. I'm grateful for where I started and where I am today. I love the feelings. Glory be to God Almighty. 

What makes a great fashion designer?
Hardwork, Intellect, creativity 

How would you rate the Nigerian fashion industry compared to those abroad?
I must say I'm impressed with it compared to the old industry, especially now that the competition is wild, everyone is striving to be a better person. So they are working hard to be better. For example, I order fabrics from Swiss, and Austria. So I believe I can do what designers abroad are doing. I make use of some fabrics they use as well. 

Who are your role models in the industry?
I'm my own role model, because everyday I try hard to impress myself with hardwork. So I salute who I am everyday of my life. 

How would you define style?

Style is life, style is creativity, style is what you wear, how you wear it. Style defines who you are. 

Who exactly is Abbyke Domina?
Abbyke Domina is a celebrity fashion designer and stylist, a graduate of University of Lagos. A woman of class and intellect.
What does it take to be a fashionista?
Being a fashionista, your sense of fashion and style must be high, you must be a happy person who is always ready to show the world how to mix colors.
 If you weren't a fashion designer,what would you be doing?
If I wasn't into fashion designing, I would still be within the fashion industry.I'll probably be selling clothes, because I was into that before I diversified into designing. 

You seem to be very popular among Nigerian celebrities, and you have even featured them in some of your advert campaigns,what would you attribute your success and fast growing popularity to?
You see one thing about popularity is to always dare to be different. Always be ready to try new things no one has, or re-brand the old ones in your own new way. People will come to you, once they love what you do. They'll always want to be around you or work with you. I will say I'm working, I'm always aiming for new things, I'm different. And when you have the Grace of God, everything seems easy.

Tell us about your new collection?

The new collection is themed' The Luxe Lace Collection. We worked with different pop of color, and fabrics, using beautiful lace fabrics.

Why did you decide to use Annie Idibia as your model for the new collection?

Its not the first time Annie Idibia will be showcasing or modelling my project. She covered ' The Celebrity Shoot Magazine third edition,and as a result of that we had great turnup. Annie got fans and traffic. When I work,the first thing I check is someone who can market the project and has lots of fans. That's why I picked her .
How was it like working with Annie Idibia?

It was great working with Annie, she is such a pleasant woman, and a strong person.
Why did you choose to work with lace and lux fabrics?
It's been a while since we worked with lace materials, which had always been our best. We had not had any shoot lately using lace fabrics, so I decided to get my crew along with the project.
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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

QYB Style: The Orente Gele Trend

You must have noticed the new "Gele" style which has been trending for some time now. This Gele known as the "Orente Gele" was popularized and revamped by fast rising Nigerian Fashion Designer Toju Foyeh. The Orente Gele style makes you look stylish and posh,and this is why Lagos big babes can't stop rocking the trend. The captivating feature of this gele style is that it can be rocked to any form of event,and matched with any outfit. The Orente Gele is definitely one fashion trend that rocked 2015,and has come to stay.



Flowery Orente Gele

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