Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Innovative Advancement Project To Kick Off Tomorrow

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The idea is a two part strategy:
Build the people‎,
Recruit from the people,
Grow an economy

The seminar is going to be a 3 day seminar: February 3-6, the topics to be discussed and presented are open but these are already proposed:
AI(Artificial intelligence)

IOT(Internet of things)

We will be teaching people things like this (http://www.instructables.com/id/Internet-of-Things/?ALLSTEPS)

Software development
Drupal CMS
Python (Face recognition)
Digital media:
Digital illustration and painting
Design ??
3D modeling
3D animation

Invention prototyping (This will bring artists, computer science and engineer students together to come up with an invention that is relevant to any community in the local area. They can be coached through the process of developing it a making a working prototype. This can later be produced and marketed for profit)

These are the the main motivation for this particular move:
Build people
Foster creativity
Foster innovation
Bring Arts and Technology together in a proven more effective way (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYlwlKwJBto)
Build/Grow an economy

At the end of this move, we will have planted an idea of a community were collaboration and healthy competition can begin to germinate.

It's believed that we can all advance by advancing people, so sharing our knowledge and fostering a community where people can build one another directly or indirectly is vital. It is not about wealth distribution (I have handed people money before and nothing came out of it), it is about building our people:

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.

Of course we hope that we do not stop at building the people, we hope to empower the people to move on to empower others (Think of exponential increments: one person tough 10 people and each of those 10 people take it upon themselves to coach 10 other people and so on; just like Jesus did to his disciples).

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