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Arabel Boss Shareefah Andu Launches Princess Aisha 2016 Turban Collection

- Says Muslim Women Can Be Religous And Trendy

Mrs Shareefah Andu

Model on the runway

Popular Nigerian Islamic store, Arabel has just launched its 2016 collection tagged "Princess Aisha 2016 Turban Collection". The presentation of the line took place at The Westwood Hotel,Awolowo Road,Ikoyi,Lagos on Sunday,January 31,2016. Arabel showcased about seven new designs to the admiration of invited guests,among whom were Former First Lady,Dame Abimbola Fashola,Mrs Bolanle Ambode,Deputy Governor of Lagos State,Mrs Idiat Adebule,Modele Sharafa Yusuf,Honourable Funmi Tejuoso,and a host of others.Qismat Yinus was at the event and now brings you all the details.

Princess Aisha Turbans which are manufactured at the Arabel factory in Lagos by Nigerians, were individually handcrafted .It is a premium quality brand with a mission to marry modesty with elegance without compromising quality.City People gathered that the fabric of choice for the line this year is Velvet,as high grade velvet that is soft,supple,shimmery,and cool was used in the production.Original Swarovski crystals,or Asfourelle crystals were used to create the amazing collection. 

Arabel showcased a lot of turbans from their wide range of the Princess Aisha collection,some of which are-

-Velvet Cleopatra
-Royal Brunei
-Silk Velvet Cleopatra
-HC Velvet

The collection which was named after Aisha,the pretty daughter of Arabel boss was modelled by Aisha herself,Maryam,Surat,who are the brand ambassadors,and also some other models. The presentation was indeed a glamorous one with customers of Arabel,and other dignataries in attendance. Qismat Yinus caught up with Mrs Shareefah Abiola Andu who is the C.E.O of Arabel,and also her daughter Aisha who happens to be a lawyer but assists her Mom with the business. They both spoke on Arabel,the new collection,and why it was named after Aisha.

Arabel Boss Shareefah Andu's Interview

Arabel boss showing the ladies some turban tricks

How do you feel at the moment Ma?

I am very happy. I have worked very hard,and I'm just so happy it turned out like this.It is a thing of joy that we are finally launching The Princess Aisha Turban from the stables of Arabel.

So what exactly is the Princess Aisha Turban collection all about?

It is actually a turban brand. A lot of people wear turbans these days,but ours is different. It is not like any other turban,it is a premium brand.This means quality is assured. We have taken a lot of effort in making them,and they are actually very stylish as you can see. They are for ladies who want to cover, still look very nice,and be proud Muslims or proud women dressed elegantly.

What inspired this line?

I think I'm just a brand person. This is just the next thing after Arabel. I like to do things very well,with international standards,so it will be acceptable anywhere. I didn't just want to do the turban line and call it Arabel turban,it has to have it's own brand. We are looking at exporting,and not just selling them locally.

A lot of ladies now wear turban as a trend,what exactly makes your line of turban different from others?

Everybody wants to wear turban,but ours is a premium brand. Style,quality,and affordability are the three words that drive us. The style is topnotch,the quality is there,and they are also affordable. We know that things are very tight in Nigeria,but we still want people to look very good. We want Muslims and Christains to look good,because everyone is wearing turbans these days.

Why did you choose to name the collection after your daughter?

I think it sounds very well,and I have only one daughter. She is my bestfriend. Princess Aisha is a nice name,and she is from a royal family.

What other fabrics do you like to work with apart from velvet?

This year I'm working with velvet. I have worked with stretch net lace,and other fabrics in the past,but this year I'm working with velvet. I'll be using velvet of different types like plain velvet,velvet mixed with silk. I'm using a lot of embellishments too,so you can stand out when you use The Princess Aisha Turban.

Why did you choose to go into the business of Islamic items?

My religion inspired it. First of all, I'm so grateful to God, and I thought I had to go into something to serve him. This is my own way of serving him.Providing an avenue for people to look good,and also projecting Islam in a very beautiful way. That is what I do. I make sure I sell products of high quality,so that people would see Islam as a beautiful religion. The business is actually motivated by religion first and foremost,and then humanity,we have a lot of people working with us. We have Muslims,Non-Muslims,hearing and non-hearing people who work with us. People call them deaf,but I call them non-hearing. It is an avenue to create employment opportunities,and also making people and their homes beautiful on the other side. I'm just a fulfilled and happy person.

Tell us about your educational background?

I have a first degree in Sociology from Unilag,and I have a Masters Degree in Banking and Finance.

How can Muslim ladies be trendy without going against Islamic injunctions?

There are so many ways of doing this. you can even go online,and learn how to be a Muslim and be elegant. You don't have to give an excuse that you are not covering your hair because you can't find what suits you. Long skirts are plenty in the market,Turbans are in Vogue.So you can actually cover and cover well.

Aisha's Interview

Aisha with a guest

"My Mom Is My Mentor"- Aisha Andu

How does it feel to have a turban line named after you?

Well,my mom is a wonderful person and for her to do me the honour of naming this collection after me,I'm very proud and honoured.

So what exactly is the line about?

It is basically a headgear or headpiece line.The idea was to make something that would be used to cover up,and still look trendy. My mom is a very creative person,so she came up with a line of easy to wear turbans.

What is your relationship with your mother like?

I'm her only daughter,and the last child. We are like bestfriends but she is still my Mom and  I have utmost respect for her. She is a wonderful person. My Mom is my mentor.

So do you work at Arabel?

No. I'm actually a Lawyer,but we brainstorm on ideas together.When I was in University,I used to go with her to her shop,and factory during my holidays.

Who is Aisha Andu?

Aisha Adedoyin Andu is a twenty something year old Litigation Lawyer. I try to be a good Muslim.

Mrs Ambode,Shareefah Andu,and Hon Funmi Tejuoso

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