Monday, 25 January 2016

We Hope To Be The Number One Charity Organization In Africa – Ufuoma Emerhor-Ashogbon

Ufuoma Emerhor- Ashogbon is the very passionate and inspiring lady behind “Fair Life Africa”, a non-governmental charity organization established to help the disadvantaged in the society. The softspoken graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University, where she studied social work recently launched a charity television show focused on giving sponsorship to disadvantaged children with skills and talents. In this interview with Qismat Yinus,she speaks on the talent search, and her charity organization in general.

Can we meet you?
I am Ufuoma Emerhor- Ashogbon. I am the oldest of my siblings. I run Fair Life Africa Foundation.

What is Fair Life Africa  Foundation about?
Fair Life Africa is a charity organization that seeks to empower people for a fairer life through social care initiatives. Through these initiatives, we are able to work with specific groups of people ,and currently our focus is on disadvantaged children, between the ages of 9 to 17.

Can you tell us about this talent hunt which you are currently working on?
The talent search is basically to get five gifted children in the areas of art,craft,sports, for us to sponsor. We will be giving them five years of sponsorship to pursue  their talents, develop their skills,and ultimately achieve their potential. The main thing is that they are disadvantaged, and have potentials or gifts. We have sixteen children that are being sponsored in school. These are brilliant children that we have assessed. It wasn't easy to assess children who have talents,so we thought about organizing a talent search. Originally we thought it would be a small in-house thing,but by the time we started planning,and looking for sponsors, it became bigger. We approached Ultima Studios, and decided to make it a television show.

So when will the television show start to air on tv stations?

I can't tell you precisely when it will start to air, but we are aiming for April 2016,and we will be reaching out to stations like Silverbird, Ebony Life TV, and GET TV which is from Ultima. Cool TV, and Superscreen too.

What inspired you to start these charity works?

I just believe that those who are blessed have a duty to share. I am blessed, and God has favored me, so I have a reason or burden to help those who are less fortunate. So that is why I do it. I do it because of God. For the talent search, we don't want to be just an academic focused charity organization. We recognized that there are many children people who have skills but can't put them into use because of obstacles that get in their way.So they end up just begging,or selling things on the street,and not maximizing their God given potentials.

Why did you decide to focus on children?

I want to start where the need is greatest. I don't think we should neglect children. We need to ensure we groom them right, nuture them well at this young age, because they are the ones that will mentor the children who come after them. When we help children,we are also helping ourselves.

Are you looking at spreading your tentacles throughout Africa,as your name implies?

We are looking at taking it beyond Africa. Our aim is to be the number one charity organization in Africa. We are starting where we are,which is Nigeria. This initiative is still Nigeria focused, but as we grow and develop,we will reach out to other countries in Africa. That is my aim for Fair Life Africa.

How do you get funds to run the organization?

We seek funds from partners,corporate organizations,and friends. Most of our funding or donations from past years have been from our trustees, but in year 2015, most of the contributions have come from corporate organizations. I am hoping that more individuals and corporate organizations will support us this year. We don't get funds from Government, or foundations that give grants. We are actually a non-governmental, not for profit organization.
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