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"How I Became The Caterer Of Choice For Top Banks" -Tasty Delight Boss, Bukola Olokesusi

Bukola Olokesusi is the charming and hardworking lady behind popular catering outfit, Tasty Delight. The very talented banker cum caterer is fast becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to hospitality,and food catering business in Nigeria. At one of her events in Lagos, Qismat Yinus caught up with her,and she spoke about her marriage,business,and a lot more.

Can we meet you?

My name is Bukola Olokesusi. I am into catering services. The name of my company is Tasty Delight. I also do small chops and cocktails. we basically cater to all needs that have to do with food at events.

What sets you apart from other caterers?

I am actually a banker,so it affords me the opportunity to offer my services to my colleagues. I recently did a catering job for keystone bank. I was in charge of the food for their end of the year party. Every year I get a lot of jobs from banks.

Can you mention some of the banks which you have catered for?

Keystone,Ecobank,Heritage bank,and a host of others . I am usually in charge of food for their end of the year parties,and also birthday in the office.

Did you train to become a caterer?

Yes. I would say it is a family business. My Grandpa used to be a caterer,then my my mum was also a caterer,so I took it over from my mum. We still do it as a family business. My immediate younger brother is also part of the business. I have staffers who work with me.

How has it been since you started?

It has not been easy being a banker and also a caterer,but the truth is this is actually what I want to do. Even with the stress as a family woman. It has not been easy. I am a mother of two so combining all of these has not been easy,but because it is something I enjoy doing,I don't really have issues.

So how exactly do you balance everything?

I have staffers,that help me out,so what I do is just supervision. I am a marketer at the bank where I work.

What does it take to be a good caterer?

It takes all the energy in the world. It takes time,patience,passion,for your job. Even as the boss,you need to check what others are doing. As a caterer,you need to go out to see what other caterers are doing. You also need continuous training, with these you will go places.

Do you train people?

Yes I do. I train people,especially on small chops,and cocktails.

How do you joggle family and career?

That's why I said it is a family business. My husband actually brought me to this event. He does not see any big deal in it. We still see the business growing more than this.

Any advice to women on how to balance marriage and career?
You should be focused. Don't let anybody discourage you because sometimes in marriage,your husband may innocently want to discourage you. You need to be strong, and determined.

How would you describe your husband?

My husband is a very nice person. He is my best friend. My husband wants to assist. He is a domestic kind of person,so that makes things a lot easier for me. For example the food we brought here today,he did the major packing of the food. He can cook,he is always willing to assist. We quarrel,then we settle. My husband is a nice person.

How did you meet your husband?

We used to work at the same office,but when marriage came,he had to resign. Presently he works with Ecobank.

What are the keys to a successful marriage?

You have to be patient. This will go a long way to make you successful. Don't be materialistic,just love. Once you love each other, everything will work out well. You need to be ready to assist too. Also,it is not when your husband is angry that you will also be angry. Just be patient.

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