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Why Lagos Event Planner, Simiade Odukomaiya Is Hot

-Talks About Her Business

Popular Lagos Event Planner, Simiade Odukomaiya is currently one of the most sought after event planners in Lagos. The pretty and hardworking lady has been able to set her business apart in the very competitive event and hospitality industry in Nigeria. At one of her big events in Lagos, Qismat Yinus caught up with her,and she spoke about her career,and life in general.

Can we meet you?

My name is Simiade Odukomaiya. I am the CEO of Deteron Events. I am from a family of three girls, incidentally I am the last born.
I am a Lagosian. I attended K. Kotun Memorial School, Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos,after which I proceeded to Federal Government Girls College, Sagamu, Ogun State and then University of Lagos in Akoka.

So what exactly do you do at Deteron Events?

Deteron Events is an Event Planning and Management Company. The Event planning covers activities such as event co-ordination, training, supply of decorations, supplying of ushers, catering, Aso-ebi, and the provision of cock-tail drinks. We also plan corporate events and basically handle the general management of events.

Why did you decide to go into event planning?

Event Planning for me was born out of the passion and sense for perfection. It is something that I have passion for.

How has it been since you started?
At the initial stage it was a bit stressful as it is with every new business.  It is gradually getting better now and we give God all the glory.

What are the challenges you face in this business?
Challenges are numerous considering government's policy on importation of equipments.Also, getting funds and marketing that is, getting new clients. It is quite competitive out there, and most importantly keeping up with new trends in our business.

How are you able to overcome them?

I am truly grateful to God. Concerning equipments, we ask our colleagues in the business to assist us when we have orders that are beyond our present capacity. At other times, we have learnt to improvise. We also engage in vigorous marketing and lots of research to keep up with latest trends.

Did you undergo any form of training before setting up your business?

Yes, I got some training. I had an internship with my sister Mrs Busola Iyamu who was a wedding planner back then and a very brief stint with an aunt of mine,Mrs Onayomi Onajobi.  I owe these two wonderful women for what Deteron Events is now, but most of all I give God all the glory as He has continued to order my steps.

Do you intend to train people?

One of our company's visions is to train, so I

definitely train. My Intention is to train and replicate my self in people,to impart on others.I am very passionate about this. I want a situation where people would ask was it Deteron that planned this, even if it was a protege that did it.
What does it take to be a great event planner?

One has to be detailed, ingenious, have a good eye for colour combination, patience with the clients in explaining the concepts and of course humility.

What sets you apart from other event planners?

Probably our services, concepts, customer relations and my colleagues, the staff of Deteron events.

What inspires you?

Every sense of perfection, competition, in fact everything around me.

If you weren't into event planning what would you be doing?

I would probably be an On Air Presenter. If I wasn't an event planner,I would be a presenter.

Can you share some of your memorable moments as an event planner?

They are numerous but the most memorable ones like you asked are my planning of Fifi.0.Couture's events on Independence day recently in Ikoyi, which marked it's launch.My Sister's wedding a few years ago. They are numerous like I said earlier on. There was this particular event where I had to manage a very low budget,and the client expected the best even-though the space wasn't big,and the turn out was massive. But at the end of the day,I had to manage the situation. It was very challenging.

What advice do you have for upcoming event planners?
My advice is to stay focused, be informed, collaborate with others, improve yourself by the day and be prayerful.
What does it take to plan a great event?
To plan a great event,you must understand that the customer is King. You must ensure that the customer has a memorable occasion. Also,you must ensure effective management of all the resources,that is human and material resources available within the time frame you have.

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