Monday, 21 December 2015

Ann Ehigiator Johnson Plans Big For Her Foundation

Ann Ehigiator Johnson left Nigeria to the United States in 2010 knowing she wanted to make a measurable difference in her society. Having branded and created marketable awareness for some politicians and cooperate organisations in 2004,she wanted the same smile she put on the faces of the people during her rallies to be a continuous experience for her.

Her foundation, a non -governmental organisation which has continued to expand its reach and impact, building on past successes she brought upon her clients and applying that same business oriented approach to tackle other pressing challenges in communities for the less privilege is the first reality foundation in West Africa committed to transparency.

After a lifetime of attending meetings and functions at her young age where issues where discused on how to change Africa but no action was taken, Annmom Foundation began to focus on the poor mothers, as her team goes from one community to the other targeting  pregnant women,  nursing mothers, infants and toddlers in  distribution of free Quality milk.

Annmom Foundation empowers less privileged women to reach their full potentials by transforming them from thier present predicaments to a comfortable lifestyle through Annmom TV .
To Annmom she believes, ' Love is beyond words. . .' Follow on twitter

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