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Qismat Meets Shade Okoya

Alhaji Rasaq Okoya Is My Mentor- Wife Shade

Shade Okoya

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Wife of Nigerian business mogul Alhaji Rasaq Okoya, Folashade Okoya is one stylish lady. The 
37-year-old Managing Director of Eleganza Fashion Products Limited never fails to impress anytime she steps out at events.The very pretty mother of four is a graduate of Sociology from the University of Lagos and was conferred with Doctor of Science, D. Sc (Honorary Causa) in Business Management and Corporate Leadership by the committee of the European American University last year. In an interview with Qismat Yinus, Shade Okoya speaks about her marriage,career,fashion and much more.


How Would You Describe Your Husband, Alhaji Rasaq Okoya?

He is a friend of all seasons ,a great father to my children,and a wonderful husband to me.He's good,generous to a fault,and a hardworker.

How Would You Rate Him As A Businessman?

Chief Rasaq Okoya is a very good businessman. He got little or nothing from his parents,but he got the experience and training from them. His mother gave him a loan to start off his life. She gave him a seventy pound loan. And a seventy pound loan of those days led to all he has today. He is a man of all seasons to his friends. He is a happy man and I'm happy to be with him.I'll do this all over again.

A Lot Of People Describe You As A Fashionable Woman, Do You Agree With Them?

I don't know,but my children say I'm fashionable. I just love to look good.

What Does Style Mean To You?

Style means comfort to me.

What Inspires Your Mode Of Dressing?

My mood and the occasion.I just dress to suit the event.

Who Are Your Favorite Designers?

I wear everything.

How Do You Keep Fit?

I work,and I love to cook. Eating,working,and cooking all go together.

You Seem To Be A Very Good Businesswoman,What Does It Take To Be A Good Businesswoman?

My husband instilled that in me. I got all these from him. He has always been hardworking,I came around and met him doing this. He is my mentor,I learn a lot from him.

Can You Share Some Of The Secrets Of Keeping A Good Marriage?

With my sixteen years in marriage I think I can talk about marriage. My husband is a happy man,so I'm happy. I think the secret is the love. I respect him a lot too. So I think all these put together make a good marriage.

As A Very Busy Couple, How Do You Relax And Have Fun?

We travel a lot,so we catch fun doing so. My children also come to the factory once in a while,especially during holidays.I told you I love and enjoy what I do,so I'm always looking forward to getting home at night,and also getting to work in the morning. So It's really about loving what you do. 

What Do You Wish Your Husband At 75?

I wish him all the best. He is a happy man,he loves people so what else do you wish such a man. I pray God gives him good health and a long life.

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