Friday, 26 December 2014

Diary Of A Quirky Isale-Eko Babe:Turn Up, Turn Up

I am Qismat Aderayo Yinus a.k.a Beautiful Blogga. I am a Bonafide Isale-Eko babe trying to make money,become successful,inspire others, in the process entertain y'all, and most of all make heaven. Season's greetings my people! I need to apologize to y'all,as I've not had the time to blog well of recent. Sorry guys, I just got back from NYSC camp. Yes,you read right it's the beginning of my service year,and camp was stressful as expected,I couldn't blog well,and I had no access to a PC,so I was doing the little I could,with the help of my tab. No be small thing my people.Anyways I'm back home,and it's business as usual. My Diary is back,bigger,and better. I miss y'all. Did you miss me? Missed my diary? Ok,people I really feel like writing about fashion today. Yes y'all know I love Fashion,and I just love to look great. I also like seeing people 'turn up' in style. Style is everything for me! 

This year I've seen so many wonderful Aso- Ebi styles,and I must confess that Nigerians are stylish! We nor dey carry last! Some celebrities have rocked Aso- Ebi in beautiful ways,and I just want to celebrate these looks here on my blog today. And to you my lovely readers, please send your beautiful Aso-Ebi photos, let's celebrate you here. I love to celebrate people!  Send photos to 

So here are my favorite Celeb Aso- Ebi looks. Hope you like them,and feel free to learn from their beautiful styles. 

Here's a video I made on Aso-Ebi, some months back. It's a lovely show on Aso-Ebi. HERE Enjoy!

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  1. you've seen so many aso ebi style and we are yet to see you in one......



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