Sunday, 28 December 2014

Diary Of A Quirky Isale-Eko Babe: Turn Down For What?

Throwback of life! I love this photo baje baje

I am Qismat Aderayo Yinus a.k.a Beautiful Blogga. I am a Bonafide Isale-Eko babe trying to make money,become successful,inspire others, in the process entertain y'all, and most of all make heaven. How una dey my people? That's how you people forgot to send me rice and chicken on Christmas day. Anyways, I forgive you,and there's still enough time to send gifts to me.Yelz! It's a couple of days to 2015. Yaay! Happy New Year in advance people. Please,let's not forget to thank GOD for the gift of life. Abeg join me in saying a Big THANK YOU to GOD. He's been so Merciful to me and my household. He's truly the KING of Kings. Also let's not forget to pray for the departed souls. I lost my Dad in April,and my maternal Grandma in May,and I know a lot of people who lost family members and friends,this year. May their souls RIP. Daddy we love you,but GOD loves you best! May GOD grant you and Granny Paradise. So as you thank GOD,and ask him for blessings this season,please don't forget to pray for your loved ones who are now with their creator.

Ok,so it's been a lovely year,and I pray 2015,comes with more of GOD's blessings. This year My sister and I graduated from LASU. We studied Mass Communication. We also just started our NYSC year,and it's been adventurous,and exciting. I've had so many challenging moments this year,and also some very fulfilling,and blissful times. You win some,you lose some abi? 2014 made me stronger,and better. I'm now a better blogger who just won't quit. Yes o! I won't quit this blogging game with GOD on my side. He has blessed me with all I need to excel,and shine,and I just won't let evil minded people pull me down. Never!  You are still trying to pull me down or intending to do so? Na OYO you dey o. Because na GOD go reward you. And just so you know,I as a person don't believe in wishing my enemies well. Nibo? Anyways I dey always pray for una. I always ask my GOD to multiply whatever it is you wish me,package it well,and bless you with it. Hehehe! Na prayer na. Atleast I'm nice enough to remember you in my prayers. So continue o. More grease to your evil elbows!

So my lovely readers,I've got some of the most interesting,entertaining,and thought provoking blogposts to dish out this season. GOD bless y'all for being patient with me, and for all the love and support you've shown me. You guys rock! Alhamdulillah,my blog has improved a lot this year. I wouldn't have been able to achieve all these without your support. May GOD bless the works of your hands too. Kisses to y'all. So, I've told you about my good times and bad times,I'd love to hear from you guys. Share your 2014 stories with me. Tell us about your good and bad times of 2014.  Don't keep GOD's blessings to yourself fa! Drop your comments,and let me know your story.

Here's wishing y'all a happy and prosperous New Year in advance.

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