Sunday, 21 December 2014

Asking Me About Empress Njamah Is Crap-Timaya

Here's what Timaya told Leadership Ng

There is a notion that you are arrogant, are you?

That is old news. As you can see, I’m not. It’s just like you journalists coming to ask me about myrelationship with Empress Njamah. That is crap. I expect more from you journalists.

It’s the season of politics, will you be singing the praises of any politician?

No! I no longer sing praises to men; I sing praises to God. If they want me
to perform at an event, I’ll go and do my thing; not to go and sing the praises of a politician. Our politics leaves much to be desired and I’m not planning to vote. Maybe if things change, I’ll change my mind too.

Why did you change your hairstyle?

It was deliberate. The face of music is changing and you must change with the times or you’ll be left behind. I used to carry dreadlocks because I wanted to be known and different. So I made myself look crazy at a point in my life by wearing dreads. The controversial things I did then were deliberate, so the media would report them, because I was just an unknown artiste from Bayelsa. Now, with my new look, folks say I look different. Well, that is what is called rebranding.
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