Monday, 29 December 2014

Diary Of A Quirky Isale-Eko Babe: Why I Love The TECNO S9 Tablet!

Tecno Phantom Pad Mini - P9 Tablet

I am Qismat Aderayo Yinus a.k.a Beautiful Blogga. I am a Bonafide Isale-Eko babe trying to make money,become successful,inspire others, in the process entertain y'all, and most of all make heaven. What's popping my people? Y'all know I love to celebrate people,but just incase you didn't know,I also love to celebrate good things. Yes o! There are a lot of good products that I've used this year,and The TECNO S9 is one of them. I'd only review products that I've used here,as I always love to share my personal experiences with you.  The TECNO S9 is the first TECNO product I ever used,and honestly I haven't regretted using it. Thumbs up to TECNO!


Tecno S9 is an affordable 7-inch tablet from Tecno.  I gathered it's the cheapest tablet so far from Tecno.It runs the android Os, version 4.2 (jelly bean) on a 1.3GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM. Tecno S9 has a 3000mAH battery capacity (although it can’t be compared to the 400mAH of Tecno P9 tablet). The S9 tablet has other tecno Android signature features such as dual-sim, Google and social apps to keep you connected online. The work wey the tablet dey do pass him price! Here are some of the features I enjoy as a proud owner of TECNO S9 Lol!(Gbogbo Bigz geh lomo) :


  • Mini SIM (Normal SIM) Dual-SIM, Dual standby
  • Dimensions:
  •  193 x 111 x 9.5 mm
  • Storage:
  •  8GB built-in storage, supports up to 32GB microSD card
  • Display:
  •  7.0-inch Capacitive Touch Display (600 x 1024 pixels, 169 ppi)
  • Rear Camera:
  •  2MP Camera with Flash
  • Front Camera:
  •  0.3MP Front Facing Camera, Video Calling
  • OS Platform:
  •  Android 4.2 OS (Jelly Bean)
  • Processor:
  •  1.3 GHz dual-core Processor
  • GPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Colours:
  •  Black,White
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Twitter, Facebook, Opera Mini
  • GSM/EDGE 900/1800MHz
  • WCDMA 2100MHz
  • 3.75G Internet
  • Chat, EMail, & Social Networking
  • GPS with Google Maps
  • Music/Video Player
  • Accelerometer
  • GMail
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB 2.0
  • 3.5mm port
  • FM Radio
  • Voice Recording
  • 3000 mAH Battery Capacity


Any TECNO user in the building? Holla!

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Photos: Annie Idibia & Mum Stepout For Olamide's Concert


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Singer Jodie Speaks On Sex & Virginity

Singer Jodie who rocked the airwaves with her 'Kuchi kuchi' song, revealed sometime ago that she doesn't believe in sex before marriage. She is also said to be a virgin.In a recent interview with Y Naija, she said 

The question of sex and virginity is a private one. I have never publicised my sexuality – yes, even that interview you just referred to: I don’t know whose quote that was.
Now – to the crux, there are many people out there who don’t know who they are or where they are going. Forget the media hype and paparazzi: if people would truthfully bare their inner thoughts, no one wants to stay with someone who is “the national cake”. Keep your privates to yourself and your wedded partner. Forget all that “new age” or “modern” talk on sex and virginity. It may look “cool” to be a sexually loose person on television or magazines, but in real life, people actually respect those who have self control. If the whole world says virginity is archaic, would you want your daughter/son to “go with the flow”?

I totally agree! You?

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Beht Which Kain Yeye Pose Be This?

That's Aremu Afolayan with a "friend". Na wah o!

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Diary Of A Quirky Isale-Eko Babe: Turn Down For What?

Throwback of life! I love this photo baje baje

I am Qismat Aderayo Yinus a.k.a Beautiful Blogga. I am a Bonafide Isale-Eko babe trying to make money,become successful,inspire others, in the process entertain y'all, and most of all make heaven. How una dey my people? That's how you people forgot to send me rice and chicken on Christmas day. Anyways, I forgive you,and there's still enough time to send gifts to me.Yelz! It's a couple of days to 2015. Yaay! Happy New Year in advance people. Please,let's not forget to thank GOD for the gift of life. Abeg join me in saying a Big THANK YOU to GOD. He's been so Merciful to me and my household. He's truly the KING of Kings. Also let's not forget to pray for the departed souls. I lost my Dad in April,and my maternal Grandma in May,and I know a lot of people who lost family members and friends,this year. May their souls RIP. Daddy we love you,but GOD loves you best! May GOD grant you and Granny Paradise. So as you thank GOD,and ask him for blessings this season,please don't forget to pray for your loved ones who are now with their creator.

Ok,so it's been a lovely year,and I pray 2015,comes with more of GOD's blessings. This year My sister and I graduated from LASU. We studied Mass Communication. We also just started our NYSC year,and it's been adventurous,and exciting. I've had so many challenging moments this year,and also some very fulfilling,and blissful times. You win some,you lose some abi? 2014 made me stronger,and better. I'm now a better blogger who just won't quit. Yes o! I won't quit this blogging game with GOD on my side. He has blessed me with all I need to excel,and shine,and I just won't let evil minded people pull me down. Never!  You are still trying to pull me down or intending to do so? Na OYO you dey o. Because na GOD go reward you. And just so you know,I as a person don't believe in wishing my enemies well. Nibo? Anyways I dey always pray for una. I always ask my GOD to multiply whatever it is you wish me,package it well,and bless you with it. Hehehe! Na prayer na. Atleast I'm nice enough to remember you in my prayers. So continue o. More grease to your evil elbows!

So my lovely readers,I've got some of the most interesting,entertaining,and thought provoking blogposts to dish out this season. GOD bless y'all for being patient with me, and for all the love and support you've shown me. You guys rock! Alhamdulillah,my blog has improved a lot this year. I wouldn't have been able to achieve all these without your support. May GOD bless the works of your hands too. Kisses to y'all. So, I've told you about my good times and bad times,I'd love to hear from you guys. Share your 2014 stories with me. Tell us about your good and bad times of 2014.  Don't keep GOD's blessings to yourself fa! Drop your comments,and let me know your story.

Here's wishing y'all a happy and prosperous New Year in advance.

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Photos: Genevieve Nnaji Bags Chieftaincy Title

Congrats to the diva!

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Diary Of A Quirky Isale-Eko Babe: It Ain't What They Call You

I am Qismat Aderayo Yinus a.k.a Beautiful Blogga. I am a Bonafide Isale-Eko babe trying to make money,become successful,inspire others, in the process entertain y'all, and most of all make heaven. My people how una dey? Happy New Year in advance! So I wanted to write about this  'news' that made headlines some weeks back, but I was so busy with my NYSC preparations. But you know what they say: "Better late than never". Thank GOD I'm back now,and I just had to write about this "ridiculousity". Nigerians love to exaggerate! And we complain about almost everything. Why someone would prefer to use panadol over another's headache beats me! 

Ok let me go straight to the point,some weeks back, I read about Soundcity VJ, Moet Abebe calling her colleague who happens to be a good friend of hers a 'hoe' on Instagram. Y'all should have seen how fans attacked her. Pearl was obviously not bothered,she never complained about it, so I was taken aback when I saw the way fans hurled questions at Moet. Like seriously? Pearl wasn't complaining,and the last time I checked,"It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to". Yes ke! People can call you whatever they want,but what you answer to na him be you name or alias. If someone calls her friend a hoe,bitch,or even gorilla,it ain't my business,especially if the person isn't complaining. I'm lucky to have very cute nicknames,such as Qissy,Qiss-Qiss,Beautiful Journalist,Beautiful Blogga,and a lot more,but If someone called me a name I didn't like,I'd just ignore,or pretend the person never existed. O tan! Bottom line, It's what you answer to that matters,not what they call you. And it's not your business what anyone calls their friend or even enemies. Go about your business,and make the world a better place in your own little way!

Don't forget that I love y'all. Once again,here's wishing you a happy and prosperous 2015 in advance. Watch out for my NYSC experience. I had the craziest "roomies" at the camp! Shout out to y'all. I'll gist you about my roomies and the whole camp experience very soon,GOD willing.


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Friday, 26 December 2014

See Cute Photos Of Zamfara State Governor’s Daughter Who Is Set To Wed Tomorrow

Hajia Zainab Adul’Aziz Yari is the daughter of Zamfara State Governor and she'll be getting married tomorrow, 27th December, 2014 to Mallam Yak. More photos after the cut.

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Diary Of A Quirky Isale-Eko Babe:Turn Up, Turn Up

I am Qismat Aderayo Yinus a.k.a Beautiful Blogga. I am a Bonafide Isale-Eko babe trying to make money,become successful,inspire others, in the process entertain y'all, and most of all make heaven. Season's greetings my people! I need to apologize to y'all,as I've not had the time to blog well of recent. Sorry guys, I just got back from NYSC camp. Yes,you read right it's the beginning of my service year,and camp was stressful as expected,I couldn't blog well,and I had no access to a PC,so I was doing the little I could,with the help of my tab. No be small thing my people.Anyways I'm back home,and it's business as usual. My Diary is back,bigger,and better. I miss y'all. Did you miss me? Missed my diary? Ok,people I really feel like writing about fashion today. Yes y'all know I love Fashion,and I just love to look great. I also like seeing people 'turn up' in style. Style is everything for me! 

This year I've seen so many wonderful Aso- Ebi styles,and I must confess that Nigerians are stylish! We nor dey carry last! Some celebrities have rocked Aso- Ebi in beautiful ways,and I just want to celebrate these looks here on my blog today. And to you my lovely readers, please send your beautiful Aso-Ebi photos, let's celebrate you here. I love to celebrate people!  Send photos to 

So here are my favorite Celeb Aso- Ebi looks. Hope you like them,and feel free to learn from their beautiful styles. 

Here's a video I made on Aso-Ebi, some months back. It's a lovely show on Aso-Ebi. HERE Enjoy!

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Photo: Jude Okoye's Daughter Is Such A Cutie

Jude Okoye who welcomed his lil girl earlier this month showed her off this morning. Adorable!

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Guess Who?

Can you guess? She's a singer,was once part of a famous USA girl group,recently gave birth to a baby boy. Too many clues already. Guess who?

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Photos From Toke Makinwa's Christmas House Party

Toolz,Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi,Ariyike Akinbobola,Andrea Giaccaglia,Leslie Okoye(Cookieskin),Stylist Swanky Jerry,Sasha P and many others attended Toke Makinwa's Christmas party which she termed "House Party At The Ayidas". More photos after the cut.

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Merry Christmas Lovelies!!!

Here's wishing y'all a very merry Christmas,and a happy and prosperous 2015 in advance. GOD bless you all!


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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

KCee Flaunts His Awards To Prove It Has Been A Great Year

KCee posted the photo above with the caption

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12 Kinds Of People You Must Never Marry

Article written by Azuka Onwuka.

The easiest time to prevent a divorce or an unhappy marriage is before marriage, not after. There is no gainsaying that love can have such a drunken effect on the about-to-wed that clear danger signals become unimportant to them, while hope becomes the only commodity. After all, is it not said that love conquers all? Great! But what type of love is meant there?

There are traits that some people cannot drop. It is like hoping that a right-handed spouse will one day become left-handed: a classical case of waiting for Godot! If you are looking for a wife or a husband, please be wary of these groups of people.

Those who can never say, “sorry”

They would hurt you, annoy you, disappoint you, but would never
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Who Rocked It Better? Kim K Vs Toyin Lawani


Who rocked it better people? Kim or Toyin?

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The Barack Obama American Corner Partners With The Made In Nigeria Project

The Made In Nigeria (MIN) Project, a proudly Nigerian initiative which celebrates the uniqueness of being Nigerian and inspires Nigerians towards nation building, has entered into a partnership with the Barack Obama American Corner (BOAC). The two groups will collaborate on a few programmes and initiatives preparatory to the 2015 edition of the Made In Nigeria conference, which is the third in the series.
Kick-starting the partnership will be "The Made In Nigeria Project's first conversation cafe." The conversation cafe will hold from 11am to 2pm on January 29th, 2014 at The Blue Room, The American corner, 29A, Gafar Animashaun, Victoria island, Lagos.
According to the organizers, "the event is
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Photos: Kelly Rowland Steps Out For The First Time With Son Titan

Kelly stepped out with son, Titan for a bit of Christmas shopping.Baby Titan was all covered up,but Kelly looked beautiful as usual. Cute photos! Another photo after the cut.
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QYB Exclusive: Why I Delved Into Acting- Anna Banner

Anna Ebiere Banner was crowned the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria on the 20th of July, 2013,and she has since carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Forget the "Flavour N'abania lover" tag, she's one to watch out for in the entertainment industry. Anna who recently starred in one of Wale Adenuga's Super Story series,opened up to Qismat Yinus on why she has chosen this career path.


Why did you decide to go into Nollywood?

I just felt acting is something I love to do. It is something I'm comfortable doing and it's one of my talents.

Is Super Story your first acting gig? 


So how has it been since you started?

It's been good. It's been awesome.Working with those people was really good.

That has been another QYB Exclusive signed,sealed,and delivered.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Ronke Odusanya Finally Speaks On Her Husband-Snatching Scandal

ronke odusanya

Yoruba actress, Ronke Odusanya aka Flakky Ididowo has debunked allegations of snatching another woman’s husband. 

The Ogun State-born actress, who was once romantically linked with Fuji musician, Pasuma, has come out to say there is no truth whatsoever in the reports that she is now married to a US-based man, Femi Anibaba.

It would be recalled that a couple of months back, a woman known as Folape Sokoya cried out that Ronke is romancing her husband of 12 years and had destroyed her home by leading her husband into abandoning their home and 3 children. 

However, in a new interview with City People Magazine, the busty actress debunked rumors that she snatched another woman’s husband. 

‘I am not married, neither am I engaged to
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‘Music Has Brought Me Fame, Not Money’ – Rapper Mode 9

Rapper, Mode 9 has something to say on Headies’ exclusion

Veteran Nigerian rapper, Babatunde Olusegun better known as Mode 9,sounded sad as he spoke with Punch over the weekend on not being as rich as he would want to and said all he has benefited from doing music is being popular: 

‘Music has got me fame but not fortune. The kind of song I do is hip-hop in its pure essence and the truth is that most Nigerians do not like it. I can eat three times in a day; I am not hungry but I am not as comfortable as I would love to be. However, the book has not ended, so let’s see what happens. Music has got me more fame than fortune.’

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Who Wore It Better? Beyonce Vs Solange

Who wore it better? Beyonce or Solange?

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Y'all Need To Read This Epic Tiwa Savage Diss!!!

Written by Adedayo Ademuwagun
Married people all over the world are expected to behave with some degree of propriety, unless perhaps they’re Kim Kardashian — or Tiwa Savage.

People have been talking about Tiwa Savage’s style before and after she got married. The latest one happened last week after the singer twerked (again), rubbing herself on artiste, Patoranking at the Headies night.

It wasn’t the first time she’d be twerking on the young man – she did at the Channel O Awards in November when they both performed their collaborative effort, Girly O together. Then two months before, she performed at a gig in London wearing a bodysuit that many thought was plainly preposterous.
One entertainment blogger wrote after pictures from the London gig spread on blogs, “The diva is no doubt channelling her inner sexiness, but the pretty Mavin first lady has been serving constant sultriness almost to a point of obscenity these days! The rather obscene look [at the London gig] appeared tacky and did absolutely nothing for Tiwa’s shape.”
There’s no crime if an artiste is making news for twerking and
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Rate Mercy Aigbe's Outfit To Iyabo Ojo's Birthday Party

Stunning! You like?

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Basketmouth Shares Epic Throwback Photos

Comedian Basketmouth shared these throwback photos with the caption "Now who said I wasn't good looking when I was younger???!!!! #1998". Cute right?

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Photo Of The Day

Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh shared this adorable photo on his instagram page this morning. He's pictured with his 3-month old son with fiancee Damilola Adegbite. Cute!

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Asking Me About Empress Njamah Is Crap-Timaya

Here's what Timaya told Leadership Ng

There is a notion that you are arrogant, are you?

That is old news. As you can see, I’m not. It’s just like you journalists coming to ask me about myrelationship with Empress Njamah. That is crap. I expect more from you journalists.

It’s the season of politics, will you be singing the praises of any politician?

No! I no longer sing praises to men; I sing praises to God. If they want me
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