Sunday, 9 November 2014

Read Tonto Dikeh's Message To Her Haters

Take a look: 

"I have to be honest I have noticed a ton of negative,Argumentative comments on my page..I'm not sure who n where from but I want to believe my page is for fun n to make people happy n get you a little closer into my life in a peaceful way.. Listen up I'm an extremely strong woman n Unbothered.

I Have been tested n tried with many things & I ve grown above your Hate,Ability to create fake accounts/Pages & express how you feel about me(My daft collegues n a few others). I actually feel sorry for you,Sorry because you are so focused on what I am doing that you are not doing what God told you to do. How can God penetrate that hardened heart if you are so jealous at me?
When did we get so distracted? God has a plan for ur life n you would see it if you keep comparing your life to mine..Clearly I am blessed. I love ya'll,Love interacting with you but if you are planning to bring shade,plan on being called out n Blocked.I can sense that spirit behind your words & I WONT TOLERATE IT..I will Love n Pray for you from a distance until u Step on my Toes.. Signed::TONTO AKA POKO"
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