Sunday, 9 November 2014

QYB Exclusive: I Regret Blasting 9ice On Twitter- Oreka Godis

Y'all remember how media personality,Oreka Godis blasted Gongo Aso crooner 9ice after he explained why he initially denied his twins with her cousin Victoria Godis in an interview with Punch? You nor remember? Haba! You people can like to forget! Alright let me refresh your memory.

Here's what 9ice told Punch

“I did say I didn’t have twins then because I believe it was personal. If I have N1m, I think it is only my account’s officer that should know how much I have. In fact, he wouldn’t even have the right to check my account unless I ask him to do that. He couldn’t just cull up my account details and start checking how much I have. This is not a car we are talking about, these are human beings.
When they grow up, I will tell them the reason I did that. It was the same way my father gave me his own reasons. I didn’t know him until I was 22. I got to know my mother when I was 18. They gave me their reasons for doing what they did. I asked my father where he was all the time I was growing up and he told me where and how and when he was a part of my life. If my kids grow up to ask me why I did what I did, I would certainly explain to them.  I didn’t say I didn’t have kids just because I wanted to lie, No. I had my reasons. I had my life to live.”

This 9ice sha! He's not nice at all. Anyways,former Beat FM OAP who is also 9ice’s babymama’s cousin, Oreka Godis took to twiiter to put him on blast:

So the new gist now is that I just finished watching Rubbin Minds on Channels tv,and Oreka was the celebrity guest today. Trust Ebuka Obi-Uchendu to always ask daring questions. Hehehe. So Ebuka asked her about her palaver with 9ice,and she said she regretted blasting 9ice,only because when people google her name,what they see are stories about her twitter drama with 9ice,and she doesn't like that. She'd rather people know her for her work.Warapity! It's too late. The deed has been done abi?

Anyways, she also mentioned she wasn't well paid at Beat 99.9 Fm,and this was one of the reasons she left the radio station and not because she felt Toolz and Gbemi were shining more than she was, as was been spread by rumor mongers. She said a whole lot of things,but me I don forget o. Oh by the way she said she might go back to work on radio. Oreka pls do! We loved listening to you on the Morning Rush. Biko go back!

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