Sunday, 9 November 2014

It Is Not Easy To Be Big And Famous- Eniola Badmus

Here's what Eniola Badmus told Vanguard in a recent interview:

Have you ever thought of losing weight?

Why is this my being big an issue to people? Okay, everybody has to be very very slim, right? In the US they don’t discriminate like this o, it’s only in Nigeria people get worked up about being overweight. I understand it is not healthy to be overweight at all, but should it be an issue as a lifestyle?

Has your weight affected your career in any way?

How now? That is what has been working for me. It is not easy to be big and famous. Instead of my weight being a drawback, it has actually been a blessing.

On her kind of man

I just like a regular guy that has talent, even if he does not have talent, he has to be intelligent. A regular man, an average man; but please no body odour and no mouth odour, such are very important to me. Follow on twitter

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