Tuesday, 18 November 2014

‘I Have 125 Pairs Of Sunglasses, 200 Pairs Of Shoes’– Jim Iyke

Big Boy lomo! Lol! So Jim Iyke told Punch in a recent interview that he has about 125 pairs of sunglasses and over 200 pairs of shoes:

‘I am not brand crazy. The designer labels cost a lot of money but there is a healthy competition; which is why I find the fashion market very interesting. I have been to factories that make goods for Gucci. These are people working on a smaller scale and these are the ones I hire to make my clothes and they give me what I want. However, I always buy what I know I would look good in,’ he said. 

Speaking further, he added: ‘I have about 125 pairs of sunglasses. I think I own about 200 pairs of shoes and sneakers and it is not something to brag about. I like shoes and I collect them. I get shoes that are much branded and are limited edition. For, me it is not just about making a fashion statement anymore, it is art.’

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