Sunday, 5 October 2014

Why Many Celebrity Marriages Are Crashing- Chigozie Atuanya

In a recent interview with Nigeriafilms, Nollywood actor Chigozie Atuanya spoke about celebrity marriages and the high level of divorce

” First of all, it is good to have God as a good foundation. With him as the solid rock that holds your home, it would surely last. Then tolerance is another strong point to attain a peaceful home. Marriage is a combination of two different people, from different backgrounds who came together to live as one. Sometimes, we have to learn to overlook. In as much as the women are the pillars of a home, we the men too have lots to contribute.  
My wife has this American mentality, she doesn’t pay attention to the rumours people keep spreading, she just trusts me. You don’t say all you hear or keep monitoring your spouse without an atom of trust. Marriage failures are everywhere, not just in the entertainment industry, but if husbands and wives would jointly pull forces to make their marriages work, it would.”
Chigozie Atuanya got married to his beautiful wife Obianuju Oranika in August 2013 and has been enjoying marital bliss.

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