Tuesday, 14 October 2014

QYB Weddings: Amina Weds Hafiz

As the saying goes “When you least expect it, love will come find you and remind you of who you truly are”
Amina and Hafiz  met during her National Youth Service programme at her place of primary assignment. He had always admired her from a distance, though she caught him staring at her several times but she never understood the gesture. Later on they got talking, went for lunch together.
He eventually asked for her phone number, called a few times, chatted occasionally and from there they became very good friends. After her Youth Service programme, his calls increased and soon they became more than just friends.
 Hafiz did the unusual when he proposed to his heartthrob in the presence of both his parents and hers’…… she was in shock as tears rushed down her eyes when he went on one knee holding out the proposal ring... YES! YES!! YES!!! YES!!!! She said amidst sobs.
The rest now they say is history; they are happily married now!!

More photos after the cut

Photo credit: spicyincstudio

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