Saturday, 6 September 2014

QYB Exclusive:The True Story Behind 'The Chidinma & Vector Love Affair'

Remember this photo? It got us all talking back then,and till today some people still think there might be something going on between Vector and Chidinma. Well, just to clarify things, Qismat Yinus caught up with Chidinma recently,and here's what she said about the "love affair/proposal"


"Vector and I are friends. That photo was taken on a plane,and it was well structured and planned. It was actually a strategy or a stunt. We were like let's see if this will work,and it worked. We were on a plane. Phyno, Vector and I were on our way to an event. So I took a picture with Phyno,and I dropped it online and it got people talking,and we were like why are people like this. Let's make them talk more. So that's how it happened".

So guys, there you have it. Y'all got punked by Chidinma,Phyno and Vector.
That has been another QYB Exclusive signed, sealed and delivered.

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