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Ex-MBGN, Sylvia Nduka Debunks Wedding Politician In Houston, Texas


Here's what ex-most beautiful girl in Nigeria (MBGN), Sylvia Nduka told ENCOMIUM Weekly in a recent interview

The story making the rounds is that Sylvia Nduka has finally found love?
Love is a beautiful thing and everybody hopes to find love some day, but for now I can tell you I’m still very much single and married to my business.
But it was recently reported you were in Houston, Texas to formalize your marriage with a top politician?
It is true I was in Houston but not to get married to a top politician like they said.
So, you are not dating or getting married to anybody, and marriage is not on the cards?
I’m not engaged or married though I’m looking forward to that some day.  I want it to happen soon, soon, soon.  For now, I would tell you I’m married to my business 100 per cent.
So, who must have started this?
I don’t know where that came from.  All I can tell you is that I’m still single.

How’s Sylvia’s Hair Gallery doing?
It’s doing very well.  This is my third year in business. I’m about to open another branch on UNILAG Road, Akoka, Lagos.  It would be ready in August.
What informed the expansion?
A lot of people there need our products and services and we had to respond to their needs.
What would you say has taken you this far?
I will say it’s God.  Again, I put so much into this business.  There are a lot of companies in our line of business but I’m not competing with anyone.  I’m just doing my thing in my own little way.  And the result has been awesome and amazing.
Would you say you’ve surpassed your expectations?
Yes, I’ve done well so far.
We also learnt you’ve diversified into other lines of business?
That’s true. I’m into real estate as well.  I do a whole lot of business.  I’m 100 per cent into business.
How soon should we expect to see Sylvia Hair Gallery outside our shores?
Very soon.  I’m working on that.  But I’m trying to get more outlets here in Nigeria first before branching out.
What about Abuja?
I don’t really own the Abuja outlets.  I partner with sales agents who market Sylvia’s Hair products and accessories.  But I’m looking forward to opening Sylvia’s Hair Gallery, Abuja, probably before the end of the year.
What are the basic challenges confronting business in Nigeria right now?
Power is our major problem.  Here, we run on diesel every day.  Electricity supply is not steady and it is killing us.  We spend a lot of money.  We run on diesel from morning till night almost all the time.
What’s unique about your approach to business?
I like to do what has not been done before. I like to market signature products and services.  I’m talking about things you can’t get anywhere else except from our shops.  I have my own way of doing things.
How is life without MBGN crown?
It is still the same Sylvia Nduka. I’m living my life.  Nothing much has changed about me.
Don’t you miss being a beauty queen?
I’m not missing anything.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m still MBGN.
Does MBGN still open doors for you?
100 per cent!  A lot of people still refer to me as former MBGN.  When you write a story about me, I’m sure you would also start with the introduction, former MBGN.
You were among the seven judges of MBGN 2014. Would you say the best contestant won?
Yes, the best won.  Iheoma Nnadi deserves the crown.
There are usually instances where judges express divergent opinions, was this the case?
Of course, every judge must have his or her opinion.  And that was what exactly happened, but at the end of the day, the majority carried the day.
What were you guys actually looking out for?
We were looking out for the figure (shape) of contestants.  That’s very important.  We were also looking out for how intelligent the girl is.  Beauty and carriage were equally major criteria we adopted in selecting the winner.
But some people felt some of the contestants are your friends since you handed over less than five years ago?
Funny enough, I don’t know any of the contestants. I came in as a judge and did what I got to do and left. I know nobody there.
You’ve been in the industry for a while now.  Do you have plans to start your own pageant?
We already have something similar to a beauty contest, that is the Face of Sylvia Hair (FOSH).
So, what’s happening to FOSH?
It’s going on fine, but we are not going to do this year’s.  This is a very busy year for us. But next year’s would be much bigger.
How supportive has your parents been in your business?
They have always been there for me.  In fact, it is symbiotic.  They support me and I support them too.
How many siblings have you got?
Five.  I’m the last child.
Your parents are also business people?
You know where we came from, Anambra State.  We are all about business and education.
You run an NGO, Sylvia Educational Foundation.  How is it doing?
We are doing pretty well.  You know I have passion for education.  A lot of young people benefit from the foundation. I have about twelve of them right now.
What inspired the foundation?
My grandmother.  She told me she had always wanted to go to school, but she never had the opportunity.  She used to tell me that back in the days, they used to call her an illiterate. In fact, her husband once called her illiterate and that hurt her so much.  So, she insisted that the best I can do for her and myself is to go to school and help those who want to go to school but don’t have the financial support to actualize their dream.  And that has been my watchword.
The good Lord has been very good to you, what more do you want from Him?
We’ve just started.  There is a lot marked out for me by God to achieve.  I haven’t even done a quarter of it.  If it is in the scale of 100, I have just achieved 20 per cent.  So, I want God to do a whole lot for me.  And that is not what I can list here.

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