Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fan Blasts Blogger, SDK Over Tiwa Savage's Outfit To Dr Sid's Wedding

Here's exactly how it went down

Stella's report below

Crooner Tiwa Savage wore this outfit to Simi and Sid's wedding over the weekend in Lagos and i commented under her pic saying that her outfit was covered underneath and it wasn't her skin showing from behind.
Well i got a mail yesterday cussing me out on her outfit which i would like to share

''Stella you are a big piece of shit i swear.were you at simi and sids wedding?why would you post a comment saying Tiwa's outfit was covered when i sat near her and all i could see from behind was her bare flesh?I kept wondering why a responsible person would leave her house half naked and you come with your big mouth to promote nakedness on your blog.you think it will make her like you?well sorry,she doesn't like you,she is the other bloggers friend so deal with it and say it the way it is if the other one cant,you can bitch Stella,you can....reply me if you want idiot,this is a new email and i wont be coming back to check...FOOLISH WOMAN SUCKING TIWAS ASS..hope you like the taste''

Stelladimokokorkus' Epic response

Hmm,dear sender  I am so sorry if i misled the public,i didnt know the outfit was not covered up.Tiwa is an adult and if she decides to go naked and it is okay with her hubby,how does that concern you?I know you will read this,i will not cuss you back but pray that the jealousy eating you up gets a 'soonest recover'......Tiwa doesnt like me?who cares? I like her and i wont stop Becos she decides to show flesh or vayjayjay.None of my business.

BOMB ASS TEA...who made it?LOL

Hehehe I love Stella!

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  1. I think this is the ideal space for any kind of event. Even their bathrooms are also cool. Really big and really neatly set up, with funky sinks and mirror stations.



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