Sunday, 11 May 2014

Must Read: "Cossy Orjiakor Was Born With Just Nipples" Etcetera

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Rev. father Mathew this morning said we should pray. Pray for Saint Anthony of Padua to intercede. But why should we pray to saint Anthony of Padua? When you can easily lead us in prayer to Saint Jonathan of Aso Rock to intervene? If Martin Luther king can walk his congregations through the bridge of Mississippi to freedom, so can Pastors Oyedipo, Adeboye, Chris Okotie, Chris Oyakhilome, Kumuyi, T.B Joshua, Paul Adefarasin speak up and demand freedom and better governance for their congregations.

Or maybe today's Pastors prefer jetting out to freedom in other countries instead. Or have they themselves given up hope that prayers to our very own Saint Jonathan won't yield anything? Well in case our pastors haven't noticed, prayers to saint Jonathan has been on for the better part of 5 years. And whether there have been answers or not is a debate for the next regime and legislators.

When will Nigerians come to their senses and understand that religion is one of the biggest problems plaguing us?

Where are the said signs and wonders? Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth and its fullness thereof. Aren't we a meek and submissive people anymore? How many times have we gone down on our knees asking our leaders to free us from this Hell? Begging and pleading for a second chance, even offering our lives in exchange. Show us mercy O lord. Free us from this isolated cold metal bars.

Yet we remain covered in darkness everyday. And blame the darkness on satan just like every single one of this country's failures.

FOOD, WATER, ELECTRICITY, SHELTER, EDUCATION, GOOD ROADS and HEALTHCARE FACILITIES are the seven sins crying to heaven for intervention. But our leaders are yet to receive the wrath of heaven for their crimes.

Isn't it obvious that we might have been condemned to perish for our self inflicted sins called suffering and smiling? Bless your soul baba Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Fellow Nigerians, action is calling on us. How long do we try to ignore it. It is getting louder and louder everywhere you look. From the dilapidated structures, Infant mortality rate, Hunger and corruption everywhere. Yet we close our eyes and cover our ears. Even as we sense the chilling presence of evil and destruction getting closer and closer. Is it until the spine of the nation shatters and blood covers her entire body? We have been threatened and manipulated by our leaders with the fear of death. But for how long do we sit and cry and watch the tears slide through our fingers to the ground?

Haven't they trampled upon our feelings, and emotions enough. Some of us are beginning to accept it as our fate. But there is no accepting a fate of torture and anguish for the rest of eternity. When will they be made to account for all of the evil and costly mistakes they made? Remember each and every heart they have broken. Time won't stands still and wait because we are humans and time is not infinite. It is rather now or never. As this blazing hot sun still penetrates our skin, while we are still filled with the burning of life. I can't take it. I'm choking on my Grief. This can't be a dream.

Nigeria can't be dead. But it feels that way. Let us not give up on Nigeria yet. The situation she has found herself today can only improve and get better. Like they say, all big things start small, after all Cossy Orjiakor was born with just nipples.

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