Wednesday, 14 May 2014

"How A Female Fan Tried To Touch Me Downstairs" 2face Idibia

2face OK

2face Idibia is on the cover of the May issue of OK! Nigeria Magazine.

In his interview, 2face opens up on music, his marriage, his craziest experience with a fan and more.
Excerpts below:

On if marriage has changed anything about he and Annie’s relationship:
“Definitely! We understand and tolerate each other more.”
On what makes Annie marriage material and the union so special:
“Wow. I guess because she’s good peoples. That is the only one sentence I can use to describe her. I hate the way she knows me so well.”
On DJ Xclusive saying Nigerian men prefer light skinned ladies:
“I think that is his own preference. He can’t just generalise like that. In Nigeria, there are men that like big women and some that like skinny women. Same way I know so many guys that only go for dark skinned women, and being light skinned is a turn off for them, I also know some men that prefer light skinned women.
Most of the women that I have dated are dark skinned so I guess you can say that is my own preference, which is good as my wife is actually dark skinned too, so no worries there.”
On his craziest fan encounter:
“This girl tried to touch the guy downstairs. It was very alarming.”
On praises from fellow artistes:
“I feel honoured and privileged to be referred to as a legend. But at the same time it puts so much pressure on me when I am performing and releasing new music as expectations can become too high. I just want people to keep an open mind. When you hear new music from me, treat it like you are listening to me for the first time, so there is no pressure.”
On another profession apart from music:
“Maybe I would be a goal keeper for a football team somewhere (laughs).
On the funniest/biggest rumour about himself:
“Probably has to be the rumour that I had died. I started getting calls from friends that “Oh boy they said u don die”. So I am sitting there like really? I am dead? Death is no joke but I just try to make light of rumours like that.”
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