Sunday, 20 April 2014

What Really Happened The Day Peter & Paul Psquare Fought

This is according to

Just thought I should share this new info with you guys. And it's according to my friend who is an insider:

The supposed fight between Paul and Peter Okoye was actually started by their PAs. Jude's PA, Wande, had given money to Peter's PA to get his car registered. But Peter's PA, Shege, instead of spending the money on what he was asked to use it for, allegedly spent it on something else. This is a guy that reportedly, when PSquare's mum was still alive had also 'eaten' the money given to him to purchase a car for Psquare's mum. 
So, Jude's PA was reportedly really angry when he found out his money was gone and
the car wasn't registered. So, he stormed Squareville to confront Peter's PA. Along the line, they got into a heated argument and a fight broke out between the two of them. Like real, serious, bloody fight. Things were so heated up that Peter allegedly came in, joined the fight and was about to hit Jude's PA with a pen when Paul reportedly jumped in, held his twin brother's hand to stop him. 

In that rage, Peter allegedly swung his free hand and landed Paul a big blow that made him fall to the ground. I was told Paul didn't fight Peter back. Rather, their elder brother Tony allegedly pounced on Peter and started beating him. Anita, Paul Okoye's wife, witnessed this incident.
I was told Peter wants to be incharge of their funds or get more money allegedly due to pressure from his wife. Jude has always been in charge and Paul wants it to stay that way. Then that the lawyer brought in to split their property came, no one agreed that this is yours, this one is mine, so the lawyer says he can't continue. At least for now. 

That Lola never visits Squareville cos she allegedly sees the family members as enemies, unlike Anita who freely visits regularly. Plenty other personal details. Some of you already have heard about Psquare's mum telling her sons that she sees them splitting if Peter weds Lola cos she reportedly saw in a dream where Peter was pursuing Paul with a fork to kill him. So much stuff, but let's leave it here for now. And pray for the family to get through this. We all also have our own issues at home, abi?
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  1. Hmmmmmmm,God help them!

  2. Hooray! Harnikky is back. Miss ya Sis. GOD bless.

  3. Women will either be an instrument of joy or sorrow....I hope they get over the devil in their midst

  4. I had expected this a long time coming. Its bound to happen. We all have family issues and mis-understanding. But I pray they settle real quick.#W.A



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