Monday, 28 April 2014

"Mothers Should Forget The Protest And Beg Boko Haram" Dencia

The first lady of Bornu state has announced that there will be a one-million-women march in Abuja tagged "Free our girls" on Wednesday. Dencia's opinion about this below: 

"I don't have a child but I'll do this 4 my Dog what more of my child?Most women & mothers don't know the power the have.You know,there's always one good person amongst the bad guys who might be watching,touched by his mother's love & release the girls.I don't know what they have done or haven't done but I believe u start doing the work and expect help smh so far the government haven't done much & have lied about rescuing the girls before so don't expect much.after all there's no politician's child involved don't expect them to worry about it.I hear they want to hold a protest smh I have seen all types of protest in Naija that never led to anything so can this women save the energy & time and figure out a plan or start recording some sad crying videos begging Boko haram because idk it's just killing me."
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