Sunday, 16 March 2014

'Why People Think I'm A Lesbian' – Iyabo Ojo

Here's what she told Daily Newswatch:

Tell us more about your NGO

Yes, it is no more Pink sexy ladies. We just changed the name. It all started like a child’s play, more like BB stuff among us friends. You see, I have this passion to give. We want to help the less privileged children.

Are all your members actresses?

No, they are not; we just have few actresses there. We have business women from Nigeria and United Kingdom. So many important personalities are involved, so I have to change it from Pink Sexy Ladies to Pinkie Foundation. I am the president while my friends are supporters.

But people are saying the group was formed to encourage lesbianism?

I think that story came up because I am an actress. You know as an actress whatever I do is a story; so there is no iota of truth in that story. I don’t support or believe in lesbianism. I am actually sorry for lesbians; I had never supported lesbianism, I don’t find it godly. We just formed it to help one another; to help our businesses and to help empower women. We contribute monthly for this project.

So you are saying that the group has nothing to do with lesbianism as being alleged

I established this group in 2001, and its aims were to bring women together irrespective of age or social class, support one another and share business and health ideas, as well as improve family values. My foundation is not about that. Do I look like a lesbian? I am not a lesbian. Nigerians like attaching irrelevant things to something. But it hasn’t stopped me from achieving my goals. 80% of the women in the group are married with kids.

But what is your view about lesbianism?

I am not in support of lesbianism? I don’t have a problem with those who practice it; it’s their choice, but I don’t believe in it because it’s not normal. It’s not biblical. I am not condemning the practitioners, but for me it’s abnormal

Are you in support of lesbianism?

Why should I be in support of lesbianism? I am not one who supports Lesbi. I don’t have a problem with those who practice it, it’s their choice but I do not believe in it because I don’t think it’s normal. It’s not biblical. I am not condemning the practitioners but to me it’s not normal.

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