Saturday, 8 March 2014

QYB Saturday Special: How To Rock The Knotted Wrapper Trend

Tying of wrapper is the trending thing for ladies now, its either they are tying it over a blouse or 'buba'. I actually find it difficult tying a wrapper properly much more knotting it. Lol! And I know a lot of ladies go through the same thing. This however doesn't change the fact that this trend is really beautiful! I love to see ladies rock this trend.

The Knotted Wrapper Trend is basically about wearing velvet or combining velvet with another piece of Ankara or lace, using the wrapper part of the aso ebi, and also silk Iro and Buba.

Ladies,to tie a wrapper properly, you need to make sure the front and the back are equal so one isn’t longer than the other. Then you open your legs wide so when you tie you don’t have problem walking.

And for the knot, you bring both ends together and move to opposing sides, after which you make a double twist from one end to the other and tie it at the back. Tuck your loose ends in and that's it.

Take a look

Enjoy your weekend dearies
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