Monday, 17 March 2014

Kwam 1 Reveals Real Reasons Why He Gave Out Three Daughters In Marriage At The Same Time

Excerpts from his interview with Encomium

How do you feel giving the hands of three of your daughters out in marriage almost at the same time?
I feel great.  I am happy and fulfilled.  I feel extremely joyful and great. I am so happy because it coincided with an unforgettable date, the date that probably comes once in one’s life time.  3-3-57 can’t come twice. I was born on March 3, 1957, which is 57 years ago.  I gave out three of my daughters’ hands in marriage.  That has been a very fantastic record so far. It’s a thing of joy.  Idayat, who is a councilor at Lagos East Local Government was the first to wed on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 followed by Ameenat on Thursday, March 6.  Then, Sekinat rounded it off on Sunday, March 9, 2014. They are all graduates.  I trained them very well. I am very happy about that.

You planned it that way or it was just a coincidence?

Honestly, it wasn’t planned that way.  We were only planning one, then the second person said she was ready as well.  Then, the third also said she was ready.  I was expecting the third daughter to say no but she said she was also ready.  May be, they all felt like so far this man has time now, why don’t we do everything at the same time,  And the truth is that if we didn’t do everything now, my busy schedule would overtake them.  I don’t know when next we could have done all the weddings.  Election is coming up in Ekiti very soon, the same thing in Osun.  It’s very obvious that I will be very much busy.  By the time we’re out of that, we’re moving up to very many other states for the campaign for general elections.  I am connected to so many things here and there.  I will also travel out of the country on a musical tour.  I may probably not have chance until maybe the end of 2015.
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