Tuesday, 18 March 2014

"I Don't Have Any Sexual Experience" 'Kuchi Kuchi' Singer J'odie

In an interview with NET,J’odie opened up on her relationship status and her opinion about sex.


Has the nature of your job as an entertainer affected your relationships?
I am not in any relationship and I don’t think I want to be. I want serious people around me. Not just sexual relationships.
What is wrong with a sexual relationship?
Personally, to me, it is wrong because I am not married. I am not condemning those who do it; this is just my personal opinion. I really should not have an opinion on sex because I don’t have any experience. Sex means nothing to me, so I can’t get into a relationship just because of that.
Who agrees with her opinion about sex?
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  1. I believe everyone's entitled to his or her opinion and I do agree with her... U don't av to condemn sm1 cos she spoke her mind

  2. Correct, sex should be after marriage not before.

  3. She spoke well.



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