Monday, 24 March 2014

Emmy Collins Again!!! Slams Tuface, Annie Idibia & Dencia

Annie Idibia:
According the info I just received, this was the image of Annie idibia that Tuface, her husband, not an enemy or frenemy put up on Instagram congratulating her on their first year anniversary. I have recognised Tuface as a top artist in Naija but never as someone with class but even at that I would expect Tuface to recognise the raggedy-ness of this image and ensure that it never sees the light of the day. This is a razz as they come. Just look at the background behind this image and weep profusely for Annie and Tuface. Naija has the most rachet celebrities gang EVER.

Is she really not 30yrs old yet? If so then bleaching is really the ultimate bitch. She sure looks a few years older than Janet Jackson and she is already on the wrong side of 40. Regardless of what this chick wants us to believe, she appears to be having a tough life because you can`t be in your early 20s and look this old if you are living a honky dory sort of life.
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  1. Lmao @ the dencia diss...this guy get bad mouth sha!



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